Monday 01 September 2014

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OPUN Training & Design Support Services for EMC Members: 2014/15

The Architecture Centre for the East Midlands, OPUN, in partnership with EMC, is rolling out a scheme to all EMC member local authorities offering them access to its design review services at an affordable price.



East Midlands Councils provides networking and training opportunities to support local authorities in their strategic housing role. This page has been updated to include a new course: Right to Buy - Policy and Practice.


Services for local authorities

Supporting implementation of national HR strategies, policies, conditions of service and national and European legislation



epaycheck is a web based service and provides public sector organisations with access to ‘real time’ pay benchmarking data for hundreds of common roles that exist across the sector.


Councillor Development

The Councillor Development Network supports both local authority Members and Officers responsible for councillor learning and development, by sharing knowledge, information and ideas across the region through discussions and presentations.


Executive Board

Purpose The Executive Board is the strategic decision making body of East Midlands Councils on issues of interest and relevance to Local Authorities at the regional level. A strong voice on behalf of Local Government is needed to: Work collaboratively with Central Government and its...

The Councillor Officer Relationship - building effective member-officer partnerships

Event (multiple dates) - EMC are subsidising this development opportunity and offering buy one get one free on all Councillor places, along with a free Officer place for each authority attending the event.  'Building effective member/ officer partnerships' East Midlands...

The Role of the Civic Head and Team

Event (multiple dates) - What are the objectives of the session? The day will include discussion on the role of prospective Civic Heads, Mayoress, Consorts or Escorts, their Deputies and all Civic Support Officers and will identify any concerns and further needs that the delegates may have in...

Making It Our Business - A Commercial Awareness Programme for Operational Managers

Event (multiple dates) - This modular programme is offered by East Midlands Council in partnership with NEREO to operational managers in public services to support them in becoming more commercially aware when looking for opportunities to trade their service both internally and outside the...

Professional Facilitation Skills (FULL)

Event (multiple dates) - OVERVIEW Facilitators help others to maximise their contribution in groups and teams by creating a supportive and outcome focused environment.  You will learn to use a range of tools and techniques to generate enthusiasm for effective...