Saturday 06 February 2016

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OPUN Training & Design Support Services for EMC Members

The Architecture Centre for the East Midlands, OPUN, in partnership with EMC, is rolling out a scheme to all EMC member local authorities offering them access to its design review services at an affordable price.



East Midlands Councils provides networking and training opportunities to support local authorities in their strategic housing role. This page has been updated to include a new course: Right to Buy - Policy and Practice.

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children - Age Assessment Training

Event (multiple dates) - This practical event will cover the legislative background to asylum claims; looks at the relevant guidelines applicable; look at the Merton and other relevant decisions, and issues involved in preparation for the assessment and then the assessment itself.  The aim...

Being an Effective Councillor: Strengthening and Sustaining Personal Resilience

Event (multiple dates) - Being an elected Member can be tough: the public profile, credibility and expectations placed upon elected Members are numerous, requiring the maintenance of high levels of energy and performance. Carrying out multiple roles and working with a variety of people and...



epaycheck is a web based service and provides public sector organisations with access to ‘real time’ pay benchmarking data for hundreds of common roles that exist across the sector.

Community Leadership in the East Midlands

Event (multiple dates) - Being on the Frontline, Maximise your impact in the Community Tuesday 2 February 2016, 10:00 - 15:00, Melton Mowbray EMC is keen to support Councillors with their community leadership role and is offering this frontline leadership session as part of our East Midlands...


Infrastructure, Planning and Transport

HS2 East Midlands HS2 Hub Station at Toton EMC has published a report commissioned from Farrells and Peter Brett Associates, setting out proposed key design principles for the HS2 Hub Station at Toton, including an initial ‘concept design’.  The report is intended to provide a...

Embodied Coaching - Coaching CPD session

Event (multiple dates) - The East Midlands Coaching Network is holding a very practical CPD session for Coaches on 11 March 2016 in Melton Mowbray, on embodied coaching and somatic clues that we can use in coaching. As coaches, we are often looking for ways to increase our perceptions and...