Friday 25 April 2014

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The Architecture Centre for the East Midlands, OPUN, in partnership with EMC, is rolling out a scheme to all EMC member local authorities offering them access to its design review services at an affordable price.


East Midlands 5 Pack + 1 low cost CPD for Environmental Health

5 Pack + 1 Programme 2010 - 2011 Low cost CPD for Environmental Health  These courses are part of the East Midlands low cost CPD  East Midlands Councils, working with CIEH East Midlands, have arranged 5 seminars; 1 for each of the county areas within the region and one regional regulatory...


Continuing Professional Development for Planners

Low cost CPD programme for PLANNERS 2014/15 What does the programme look like? East Midlands Councils (EMC) has again arranged a programme of 6 low cost CPD knowledge based seminars for local authority planners and other development professionals.  The programme will tackle...


Executive Board

Purpose The Executive Board is the strategic decision making body of East Midlands Councils on issues of interest and relevance to Local Authorities at the regional level. A strong voice on behalf of Local Government is needed to: Work collaboratively with Central Government and its...


Councillor Development

The Councillor Development Network supports both local authority Members and Officers responsible for councillor learning and development, by sharing knowledge, information and ideas across the region through discussions and presentations.

East Midlands Coaching Conference 2014

Event (multiple dates) - East Midlands Councils is holding a Coaching Conference on Tuesday 10 June 2014.  The event will feature a keynote presentation on 'stepping into the unknown', as well as providing stimulating and participatory workshop sessions that will explore techniques you can...


East Midlands Coaching Network

Discover what East Midlands Councils Coaching Network can do for you… There are currently 10 authorities and 50 coaches in the East Midlands Coaching network, which include Nottingham City Council, Leicester City Council, Nottinghamshire County...

Being an effective Councillor: Strengthening and sustaining personal resilience

Event (multiple dates) - For all of us life can sometimes be a real struggle. Day to day life can present numerous challenges requiring the maintenance of high levels of energy and performance. In addition, ordinary life demands courage, as all of us are faced with disappointment, change, grief...

Professional Facilitation Skills

Event (multiple dates) - OVERVIEW Facilitators help others to maximise their contribution in groups and teams by creating a supportive and outcome focused environment.  You will learn to use a range of tools and techniques to generate enthusiasm for effective...

The Role of the Civic Head and Team

Event (multiple dates) - What are the objectives of the session? The day will include discussion on the role of prospective Civic Heads, Mayoress, Consorts or Escorts, their Deputies and all Civic Support Officers and will identify any concerns and further needs that the delegates may have in...