Saturday 01 October 2016

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OPUN Training & Design Support Services for EMC Members

The Architecture Centre for the East Midlands, OPUN, in partnership with EMC, is rolling out a scheme to all EMC member local authorities offering them access to its design review services at an affordable price.



East Midlands Councils provides networking and training opportunities to support local authorities in their strategic housing role. This page has been updated to include a new course: Right to Buy - Policy and Practice.


Councillor Development

The Councillor Development Network supports both local authority Members and Officers responsible for councillor learning and development, by sharing knowledge, information and ideas across the region through discussions and presentations.


East Midlands 5 Pack + 1 low cost CPD for Environmental Health

5 Pack + 1 Programme 2010 - 2011 Low cost CPD for Environmental Health  These courses are part of the East Midlands low cost CPD  East Midlands Councils, working with CIEH East Midlands, have arranged 5 seminars; 1 for each of the county areas within the region and one regional regulatory...


Services for local authorities

Supporting implementation of national HR strategies, policies, conditions of service and national and European legislation

Coaching and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Event (multiple dates) - Identifying your psychological type preference gives you access to a rich framework that describes normal differences in how people are energised, gather information, make decisions, and approach the external world. The MBTI instrument is one of the best known and most...

Telephone Coaching: Could less be more?

Event (multiple dates) - The East Midlands Coaching Network is holding a very practical CPD session for Coaches on 23 March 2017, on telephone coaching.  Ask any coach whether they prefer to work with a client on a face to face basis or on the phone – and a good proportion will...


Executive Board

Purpose The Executive Board is the strategic decision making body of East Midlands Councils on issues of interest and relevance to Local Authorities at the regional level. A strong voice on behalf of Local Government is needed to: Work collaboratively with Central Government and its...


East Midlands Coaching Network

Discover what East Midlands Councils Coaching Network can do for you… There are currently 9 authorities and 48 coaches in the East Midlands Coaching network, which include Nottingham City Council,  Nottinghamshire County Council, Charnwood Borough...

Local Authority Challenge 2016 - East Midlands

Event (multiple dates) - East Midlands Councils is bringing the Local Authority Challenge to the East Midlands for the first time in 2016.  The Challenge Local government is facing a time of unprecedented change like never seen before. Councils are being forced to find new ways to deliver...