Thursday 24 May 2018

Taking Minutes not Hours at meetings

How to write minutes that get results

On 17 May 2017 East Midlands Councils is holding a 'Taking Minutes not Hours' course in Melton Mowbray.

About the workshop

This workshop will give participants tips and techniques to help them write effective notes during meetings and minutes after meetings. The workshop is designed for the informal environment of team meetings, however, participants will also find the ideas useful in more formal meetings.


This workshop will give participants tips and techniques to help them to write effective:

  • agendas before meetings
  • notes during meetings
  • minutes after meetings



  • Course content
  • Participants’ concerns and objectives
  • What minutes are and why they matter
  • The different types of minutes and when to use them

Before the meeting: getting prepared

  • Actions and checklists to help the minute taker
  • Writing a good agenda

At the meeting: preparing, listening and taking notes

  • Getting prepared at the start of the meeting
  • Listening skills: listening for meaning, deciding what to minute and summarising the facts
  • Checking understanding and outcomes
  • Developing your own shorthand
  • Different ways to take notes during the meeting

After the meeting: writing up the minutes

  • What goes in each section
  • 'The meaning of words'
  • Etiquette and tips
  • Layout tips
  • Writing clearly and concisely: using words that are simple, correct, necessary and specific
  • Other things to consider
  • Understanding readability statistics
  • Using bullet points

Grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Reviewing the main punctuation marks
  • Individual areas of concern

Editing and proofreading

  • Tips, techniques and checklists for editing and proofreading
  • Additional handouts for information

Review of actions from the day


The workshop will be led by Kathey Bailey from KBTraining.

Following seven years in Human Resources in the computer industry, Kathey moved into Training and Development in 1985. Since then, she has run more than 1,700 programmes for companies and individuals from a wide range of commercial and industrial areas. She also has extensive experience of working with the public sector including the Civil Service, Education, NHS, Police and 40+ local authorities.

She specialises in Reading Skills, Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Self Development and Time Management, and loves to: - enthuse people about wanting to do things differently - help them to believe that they can - give them the practical tools to ‘help to make it happen’

She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and TAP-certified.

Kathey offers participants on her programmes an experience that is fun, enthusing, practical and focussed on their needs.

This is a very interactive course with lots of practical exercises, so come prepared to participate and also bring some examples of your work to review.


Local Authority Members £175

Associate Members £210

Non-members £250

(all prices subject to VAT)

How to book

To book a place on this course please use the online booking form below.

For Further Details Contact:

Kirsty Lowe, East Midlands Councils, or call 01664 502 620

East Midlands Councils, Phoenix House, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 0UL


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