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25 July 2011

East Midlands Councils re-elect David Parsons as its Chair

At their Annual General Meeting on Friday 22nd July, East Midlands Councils re-elected Cllr. David Parsons CBE as its Chair.

Cllr. Parsons said "I am very pleased to be given the honour of being chosen by my fellow Members to be the Chair for this year. The East Midlands has a number of challenges ahead and as we represent all 46 Local Authorities in the East Midlands, we will continue to work with partner organisations and Central Government to improve life for all who live and work in the East Midlands.

"I am also pleased that Cllr. Jon Collins will be my Vice Chair, his support at this crucial time is very much appreciated. I look forward to working with him and the other Members of East Midlands Councils and our partner organisations."

Election results:

Chair East Midlands Councils & Executive Board – Cllr. David Parsons CBE (Leicestershire County Council)

Vice Chair Executive Board – Cllr. Jon Collins (Nottingham City Council)

Political Group Leads and Vice Chairs East Midlands Councils

Cons - Cllr. Martin Hill OBE (Lincolnshire County Council)

Lab - Cllr. Robert Parker (Lincolnshire County Council)

Independent - Executive Mayor Tony Egginton (Mansfield District Council)

Liberal Democrat - Cllr. Fiona Martin MBE (East Lindsey District Council)

The appointment of the Chairs of East Midlands Councils boards were also announced :

East Midlands Executive Board - Cllr. David Parsons CBE (Leicestershire County Council)

East Midlands Improvement & Efficiency Board - Cllr. Martin Hill OBE (Lincolnshire County Council)

East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership Board - Cllr Simon Galton (Leicestershire County Council)

East Midlands Employers Board - Cllr Ian Fleetwood (Lincolnshire County Council)



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