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11 September 2014

Autumn 2014 Coaching Catch up

The East Midlands Coaching Network is going from strength to strength, with an increasing number of coachees using the network to identify and select coaches.

Key commitments for autumn 2014

East Midlands Councils is committed to the development and growth of the East Midlands Coaching Network.  EMC have identified 3 key commitments for autumn 2014, these are;

  • Providing professional development for coaches in the network
  • Increasing the demand for Coaching within organisations subscribed to the network
  • Supporting coaches and coachees to use the Mye-Coach system for maximum benefit to the coaching relationship

Increasing the demand for Coaching

In the autumn of 2014 East Midlands Councils will be working with the Coaching Champions of the 10 organisations subscribed to the Coaching network to look at how authorities can increase the number of people that want to be coached. 

Continuing Professional Development for Coaches

Coaches in the East Midlands Coaching Network can access free professional development.  Below are details of the opportunities available in 2014/15; 

Tuesday 16 September 2014 – Interpersonal Process Recall

IPR is a process which helps coaches and mentors reflect on what is happening inside them as they are listening to a client and to work on recalling that. Feedback from self and others heightens that ability to reflect on what happened, which further develops awareness of your reactions and the possible impact you have.

Thursday 4 December 2014 – The December CPD session will be led by Alison Kane.

Thursday 5 March 2015 – content of this session is still to be determined

Resources for Coaching

A key feature of the Mye-Coach online system is the vast bank of resources available to both coaches and coachees.  There are currently 186 resources available for use, which can be fully integrated into the coaching relationship through the Mye-Coach system.

The top five resources viewed by coaches so far this year are;

  1. Assessing my career exercise
  2. Assessing my strengths exercise
  3. Assessing my work relationships exercise
  4. Influencing Styles Push and Pull Explanation Handout
  5. Influencing Styles Questionnaire Diagnostic

East Midlands Coaching Network would like to offer thanks to Kate Martin Coaching Champion at Leicester City Council for sharing a range of resources with the Coaching Network, which have been added to the bank of resources, these are; 

  • Coaching contract
  • Brief description of the GROW model for coaching
  • Code of Ethics

All coaches in the network can add and share resources via the Mye-Coach system, it’s a great way to share with like minded colleagues things you have developed to help you in your coaching journey!

Principles of the network are:

  • Quality, cost effective, reciprocal coaching for all members
  • Access to a diverse coaching Network of qualified coaches in the region
  • Providing support to coaches with their CPD
  • Building coaching capacity and sustainability across the region
  • Continuous development and growth of the network

Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is an essential part of any coaching practice and helps to maintain the professional competence of individual coaches.  Through reflective practice and sharing experiences with a small group of other coaches, this helps the coach grow, develop and be the best they can be.  It also assists them to identify areas for further learning and development.

The Coaching by numbers…

We have 56 coaches, 110 coachees

and 3 coaching supervisors so far and rising…

10 organisations subscribed to the network

6 Independent coaches quality assured through the network

The coaching network remains extremely good value for money providing individual authority’s the opportunity to save at least £20, 500 a year

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