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17 December 2013

Government Announcement on the Anti Modern Slavery Bill

East Midlands Councils welcomes the announcement by HM Government on the introduction of an Anti Modern Slavery Bill.

The draft Modern Slavery Bill includes measures to:

  • increase the maximum penalty for the most serious perpetrators from 14 years to life
  • introduce new slavery and trafficking prevention orders to restrict the activity of offenders so they cannot cause further harm
  • create a new role of anti-slavery commissioner to hold law enforcement agencies to account

The East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership has already identified modern slavery as a growing concern within the East Midlands. East Midlands Councils is leading on the establishment of an East Midlands Anti Trafficking Partnership including local authorities, health, police, HMRC and Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority which will support the provisions in the new Bill by well as to support victims of trafficking.

East Midlands Councils is holding an event for Councillors in the region on 11th February on the impact of migration which will further highlight the steps councils are taking in respect of these issues.

Cllr Paul Kenny, Chair of the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership said “This is an important piece of work and we welcome the introduction of the Modern Slavery Bill. The work that has begun in the East Midlands to raise awareness of the extent of trafficking and modern slavery and how agencies should respond both to perpetrators and victims of this crime supports the ethos of the Bill and we look forward to contributing to the wider debate as the Bill makes progress through Parliament.”

Cllr Geoff Stevens, Vice-Chair of the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership said, “The Modern Slavery Bill is an important step forward in eliminating modern slavery and the work that the EMSMP has begun will support the principles contained within the Bill.”

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Stuart Young, Executive Director, East Midlands Councils

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