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16 February 2015

More action needed to tackle flood risk in the East Midlands

A major new report highlights how the East Midlands is vulnerable to small changes in climate which could double the number of people at ‘significant risk’ of flooding. It goes on to highlight 16 recommendations aimed at Government, councils and business groups to reduce the impacts of flooding on local people and businesses.     

The report, entitled the Changing Nature of Flooding, has been published by East Midlands Councils with support from Climate East Midlands and research specially commissioned from the Met Office.

The report notes the existing vulnerability of 20% of the land area of the East Midlands to flooding from the sea, rivers and surface water. It also highlights that a 10% increase in peak river flow would potentially double the number of residential properties at ‘significant risk’ of flooding from 30,000 to 60,000.

To address current and future risks of flooding in the East Midlands the report highlights the following challenges:

  • better evidence on the causes and local impacts of flooding to help identify the most effective interventions;
  • a national cross party agreement on the long term approach to flood risk management and the funding and maintenance of flood defences, which reflects both climate change and local economic conditions;
  • building resilience in local communities, businesses, the public and voluntary sectors – particularly in those new areas which are at risk due to climate change impacts but which have no recent history of flooding; and
  • ensuring that local and national partnerships are strengthened and continue to work effectively before, during and after extreme weather events when flooding results. 

Cllr Neil Clarke, Vice Chair of East Midlands Councils and Chair of Climate East Midlands said:

“The East Midlands has a long and successful history of managing water to meet the needs of people and the environment, but clearly more will have to be done in the future. I expect this report to be used positively to inform policy and practice in all levels of government and within the business community”.

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Notes to Editors

East Midlands Councils is the consultative forum for local authorities in the region. It provides support to Councils to improve their services and is a strong voice for the East Midlands.

‘The Changing Nature of Flooding in the East Midlands’ and the supporting Met Office technical review are both available at 


For further information please contact: 

Andrew Pritchard, Director of Policy & Infrastructure, East Midlands Councils

Tel: 01664 502620, Mob: 07795 060943


Mike Peverill, Coordinator, Climate East Midlands / Director, Climate UK

Tel: 01664 502 628, Mob: 07854 284 588 



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