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24 October 2013

Understanding the Impact of Welfare Reform in the East Midlands

An important study into the impact of the current Government welfare reforms on communities and councils in the East Midlands is underway.

East Midlands Councils (EMC), the body which represents over 2,000 councillors in the Region is conducting research that will provide a comprehensive set of baseline data and the clearest picture yet on the effect of these changes.

Current changes to welfare reform will have significant implications for the economy, local councils and their communities across the East Midlands. 

The work undertaken in conjunction with councils across the East Midlands will be completed by early December 2013 and will be used to highlight not just the impact of recent reforms, but how local councils are responding to minimise any adverse effect on their local communities.

EMC research follows recent national research by Sheffield Hallam University that estimated the financial impact of welfare reforms in the East Midlands to be £1.3bn by 2014/15[1].

Councillors will be able to discuss interim findings at a meeting on 20th November giving elected representatives the opportunity to learn more about the reforms and how they are impacting on communities.

Cllr Jon Collins, Chairman of East Midlands Councils and Leader of Nottingham City Council said:

“This is a priority issue for EMC and an important piece of work. By monitoring the impact of welfare reforms as they are rolled out, including the extra burden it places on local councils, we will better placed to talk to the Government and partners and to identify how best to minimise any adverse effect on our local communities".

[1] Hitting the Poorest Places hardest, The Local ad Regional Impact of Welfare Reform.  Beatty, C., & Fothergill, S., April 2013.  CRESR, Sheffield Hallam University.

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Stuart Young, Executive Director, East Midlands Councils

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