Thursday 17 April 2014

East Midlands Councils Strategic Housing Network

The East Midlands Councils Strategic Housing Network is a local authority network for officers involved with strategic housing. Attendance is free of charge to members of EMC. The Network:

  • promotes dialogue between local and national levels of government
  • provides specialist housing advice at a time of considerable change to support local autority officers
  • disseminates the skills of experts within individual local authorities to neighbouring councils, facilitated by East Midlands Councils
  • shares knowledge, information and ideas across the region

Lead Officer - Cathy Jones, Policy Manager (Housing and Health). email: ; Tel: 01664 502625

If you wish to attend please email:

Previous sessions

10th September 2013 The main item for the network on this occasion was development appraisal. The session included a demonstration of the SDS ProVal Development Appraisal and viability system, which is one of a range of options available to LAs. (

12th June 2013 This session focussed on Universal Credit, with presentations from two of the local pilot areas and a discussion about learning emerging from the pilots.

WLDC presentation EMC presentation Melton presentation direct-payments-learning-lessons

20 March 2013 The main item at this session was the support which Efficiency East Midlands offers to Councils. Presentation: EEM presentation and supporting information EEM Understanding ECO funding supporting table and EEM Understanding ECO briefing note.

The meeting also received this EMC Strategic Housing Update about EMC's work on affordable housing and the joint housing training programme 2013.

12 September 2012  This session included a presentation by Adrian Kerrison, (Growth Point Manager, Newark & Sherwood District Council) about CIL and its implications for affordable housing – including the land value assumptions and viability appraisals which underpin CIL calculations. Waterloo Housing Association also attended to share experience of delivering the HCA affordable rent programme and invite feedback from all involved.

The CIL presentation is large (10MB) but can be downloaded from the following download link: The Waterloo presentation is below.

Affordable rents a Waterloo Housing Group Perspective.ppt

29 May 2012 Gill Leng gave a comprehensive Policy Round-Up detailing all the changes in current and proposed housing policy. The Network also heard from Neil Griffiths and Jo Lavis about the work they have been commissioned to do by the CIH Regional Committee to identify the issues raised by the credit crunch, recession and spending cuts as well policy and practice responses that have been developed by housing agencies in the East Midlands.    

2nd March 2012 The agenda included a presentation on work to develop an East Midlands Green Deal mechanism, and discussion with the HCA about how to maximise opportunities for delivery of affordable hosuing.     

8 December 2011 This free seminar considered the implications of "Laying the Foundations", the Government's November 2011 Housing Strategy for England. Planning colleagues joined housing staff from across the region at the seminar.

Nick Stripe, Policy Advisor, Housing Strategy and Cross-Cutting Policy (CLG) and Henry Cleary (Adviser to the Growth Best Practice Network but speaking on this occasion in a personal capacity) addressed the seminar. Copies of their presentations are available below.

Nick Stripe presentation.pdf  and Henry Cleary presentation.pdf

Anyone interested in participating in further discussions about how best to take forward the opportunities which arise from the strategy's proposals should contact

23 September 2011 This meeting looked at the private rented sector (PRS). The discussion paper below was prepared for colleagues to think about in advance. The Network also received a range of other relevant reports and resources to support the discussion (below). 

Agenda 23 Sept.pdf

Private Rented Sector discussion paper.doc

Resolution Foundation Report Making a Rented House a Home.pdf

The Private Rented Sector and its role in homelessness prevention.pdf

Leic City Shared house guarantee update.pdf

Working with the private sector in Bassetlaw Sept 2011.pdf

How do we maximise the use of empty homes? HCA debate summary 2010.pdf and HCA Empty Homes Update 23rd Sept.pdf

Blaby Private sector Presentation.pdf 

Mansfield Multi Agency Rented Solutions (MARS) Sept 11.pdf and MARS landlord leaflet v 2.pdf    

30 June 2011 Sarah Davis (CIH) presented on "The Local Authority Role in Housing Markets". Her presentation plus briefing notes about the affordable homes programme and regional retrofit programme are available below.

Strategic Housing Network Agenda 30th June 2011

CIH presentation on Local Authorities and housing markets.pdf

HCA Affordable Homes programme update for EMC Strategic Housing Network.pdf

Regional Retrofit Programme briefing note 30 June 2011.pdf