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East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership

The aim of the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership (EMSMP) is to provide a regional advisory, development and consultation function for member organisations from the statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors - for the co-ordination and provision of advice, support and services for migrants.

EMSMP covers the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland. There are three unitary authorities in the East Midlands: Derby, Leicester and Nottingham.

The Partnership was established in 2000 to co-ordinate activities regarding asylum seekers in the Region/Area. Since then the role has progressively expanded to include strategic coordination in respect of all forms of international migration. The lead organisation is East Midlands Councils.

Membership is open to all local authorities, other statutory authorities, voluntary sector organisations and private sector organisations who are involved or have an interest in these activities.

EMSMP is led by our Board, supported by five task groups; Employment & Skills, Health, No Recourse to Public Funds, Asylum Support/Housing and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC). Other thematic and geographical sub-groups and workshops will be established by the EMSMP Board as required. For details of the task group meetings, see meeting

Chair and Vice-Chair:

Cllr Peter Robinson, Lincolnshire County Council (Chair)

Cllr Dave Liversidge, Nottingham City Council (Vice Chair)

For further details on the structure of the EMSMP see - EMSMP Structure diagram

Terms of Reference

EMSMP Board Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the impact of migration on the region.
  2. To link with and inform regional strategies and initiatives particularly relating to housing and planning, community cohesion, education, employment and health issues for migrants.
  3. To inform and advise regional strategic bodies, Home Office and key regional stakeholders in order to provide sustainable support for asylum seekers and the settlement of new refugees.
  4. To consider Home Office and East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership member organisations proposals for any change as they affect the region; and make recommendations to influence and shape proposed new legislation, policy initiatives, and operational change.
  5. To promote a positive vision of the cultural and economic benefits to the region of migration.
  6. To make recommendations relating to overall regional numbers of dispersed asylum seekers, dispersal cluster areas and cluster numbers, and the need for any changes.
  7. To consider any issues relating to support of dispersed asylum seekers and migrants which cannot be resolved at local level and to make recommendations to the appropriate organisation.
  8. To monitor the impact of migration on community cohesion, housing, education, employment, health and other services.
  9. Membership

The Membership of the EMSMP Board includes representatives from

  • Local Authorities
  • Home Office              
  • Public Health England          
  • Police                              
  • Jobcentre Plus                  
  • G4S                          
  • TUC                      
  • One East Midlands
  • Refugee Action                  
  • East Midlands Councils

Business Plan

Business Plan 2014-15

Annual Report

Annual report 2013-14 


Asylum Seeker 

An asylum seeker is someone who has fled persecution in their country of origin, has arrived in another country, made themselves known to the authorities and exercised their right to apply for asylum.


A refugee is someone whose asylum application has been successful and who is allowed to stay in another country.

Failed asylum seeker

A failed asylum seeker is someone whose asylum application has been turned down and is awaiting return to their country of origin. If it is not safe for refused asylum seekers to return, they may have to stay for the time being.

Economic Migrant

An economic migrant is someone who has moved to another country to work.

Illegal Immigrant

An illegal immigrant is someone who has arrived in another country and has no legal basis for being there.