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EMC is hosting two 3 hour virtual workshops on report writing.  These virtual workshops will be highly interactive.

This Report Writing skills session will look at how to build a logical structure of a report helping participants to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely. In addition, we will look at how to write reports that audiences really want to read. This will include discussing what information to put in and what to leave out, retaining crucial information and leaving out unnecessary detail. The module will also look at the use of correct grammar and punctuation and how to use an appropriate level of language for readers while writing in an appropriate tone of voice.

The course will explore;

  • What are the expectations with regards written reports in your role? - An introduction and exploration of reports and the types of reports delegates on the virtual course are required to write.
  • What should we think about before writing the report? – Chris Burton (CB) to lead an exercise on what the participants need to think about prior to writing their reports. Exploring: the audience and their expectations, language, tone, length. Chris will use both plenary and breakout time to ensure maximum delegate participation, making the session interactive for those taking part. During the breakout sessions delegates will be grouped to work with people writing similar types of reports.
  • Outline the structure of the reports we are required to write and what should be included in each section – Working in breakout groups and feeding back as plenary delegates will be asked to discuss the “typical” structure they should be following in the reports they write and outline what information each section of the report should include.
  • An opportunity to explore and critique reports and describe what “bad” and “good” looks like – each break out group to critique 2 local authority reports highlighting what is “bad” and “good” in each report.
  • Outline areas of change that you want to work on to ensure improvement of your written reports going forward.

This interactive virtual workshop will take place using Zoom.

The trainer

The virtual workshop will be led by Chris Burton, experience trainer.

Chris is passionate about the difference the right training and coaching can make, he brings more than 20 years experience, including previously working with a professional drama group and teaching drama for the Prison Service.  He uses these theatrical skills to read audiences and people, recognising behaviours and tailoring his work to get the best results.

In the course of his professional development, Chris has worked for Next Directory, Next Distribution, Bernard Hodes, Ventura and Castleton Partners, learning teams that have designed and delivered Management Development programmes to hundreds of managers of varying grades, up to Director level. 

Dates and times

  • Tuesday 19 January 9:30 – 12:30
  • Thursday 28 January 13:30 – 16:30

Please select which course you wish to attend when you make your online booking.


  • £65 per person for EMC Members
  • £75 per person for Associate Members; and
  • £95 for non-members 

All costs subject to VAT.

The workshop numbers are limited to ensure the sessions are interactive, early booking is advised.

Audience – individuals that are required to write reports. 

How to book a place

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