Friday 05 June 2020

Cross Street Eco-Towns Scheme, Gainsborough

West Lindsey District Council has worked in partnership with the Longhurst Group to deliver an exemplar scheme of quality, affordable ‘eco-housing’ in Gainsborough’s deprived south-west ward. The scheme involved the creation of 4 new-build homes, on a disused Council owned car park, constructed to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5, alongside the retrofit of an ex Council owned office which has been refurbished to create 3 new units with high eco-credentials.

The project helped to address a local housing need and provide a stimulus to the local housing market as well as contributing to the wider regeneration objectives for the town by restoring a redundant site adjacent to the town centre conservation area and raising the profile of Gainsborough through a high quality ‘demonstrator’ scheme.

The Council played a key role in enabling the scheme through the provision of S106 monies allocated for affordable housing, whilst also providing a £375,000 grant received via Government as part of the eco – towns initiative.  The Council also received a sizeable land receipt for assets it put into the project, which will be used in the future towards other capital projects

An excellent partnership with the Longhurst Group also resulted in further monies being brought into the scheme via the Technology Strategy Board to monitor the performance of the properties over the coming years, after which the information will be used to inform future developments in the area.

This development which was occupied in July 2012.

Contact details and further information:

At West Lindsey District Council contact: Grant Lockett (Head of Strategic Growth) for more detail on

The contractor on the project has created a video diary for the development, which demonstrates the partnership working that took place

A case study for the scheme can also be found here