Wednesday 28 October 2020

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Apprenticeships & National Graduate Development Programme

Apprenticeships and COVID-19 Webinar On Wednesday 8 April 2020, the LGA held a webinar on Apprenticeships and COVID-19. The slide pack from this webinar, which contains a lot of useful links to further information from both the LGA and the government can be accessed...



This page contains information on COVID-19 in relation to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in the East Midlands, as well as those working with and supporting them. Please be advised that this is not a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information, however EMSMP team are...


COVID-19 - Workforce Information

 This page contains information on COVID-19 in relation to workforce issues.  Given the fast-changing situation, we are constantly working to update the information as it becomes available and as often as possible.   However, we advise that you check the national and...


Environmental Health CPD Programme (5+1)

5 Pack + 1 Programme 2010 - 2011 Low cost CPD for Environmental Health  These courses are part of the East Midlands low cost CPD  East Midlands Councils, working with CIEH East Midlands, have arranged 5 seminars; 1 for each of the county areas within the region and one regional regulatory...