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Action Learning Sets

East Midlands Councils is offering its members the opportunity to join an action learning set at a fantastically reduced price! What is action learning? Action Learning is a reflective and questioning technique developed to aid in the understanding of challenges and issues experienced in a...

Coaching Strategy Action Learning Set

Event (multiple dates) - East Midlands Councils is hosting a Coaching Strategy Action Learning Set this autumn / winter.  Using Action Learning methodology those taking part will be able to focus on developing their organisational Coaching Strategy.  Taking place across three separate...

Solving Workplace Problems using Action Learning

Event (multiple dates) - Problem Exploration using Action Learning This autumn EMC will be hosting and facilitating virtual sessions for officers across local government, providing a focused opportunity for individuals who want to make progress, perhaps exploring work challenges where they feel...


Action Learning Facilitation

East Midlands Councils have been supporting local authorities in the East Midlands to develop their own internal Action Learning Facilitators, and has trained facilitators to support the delivery of Action Learning Sets.


Action Learning Sets

EMC has developed a virtual Action Learning Programme, this can be delivered as a regional programme or offer in house within a specific authority.


Virtual Action Learning Sets – a case study

Over the last few months, we have experienced a rapid pace of change, affecting both our work and home environment. This change has required people to react, plan and do at a speed that can be both overwhelming and all-consuming. EMC has developed a programme of support for councils in the region...


Planners CPD Programme

April 2021-March 2022 Programme East Midlands Councils have arranged a programme of 6 low cost CPD knowledge based seminars for both local authority and private sector planners. The programme will tackle issues of relevance to local planning authorities.  The 2021/22 seminar...


HR Consultancy

The quality of the service and the value for money provided is demonstrable from the excellent feedback received and the number of client organisations who return to use for continued and further support.


Outplacement Support and Career Counselling

East Midlands Councils provides Outplacement Support on a not-for-profit basis, which therefore enables Councils to support affected employees in a cost-effective way and without compromising on the quality of the support provided. The support is tailored to the specific requirements of the...

Action Learning Experience (DATE TO BE RE-ARRANGED)

Event (multiple dates) - East Midlands Councils is offering Councillors the opportunity to participate in a half day seminar aimed at helping delegates to understand the principles of Action Learning.  Local authorities are increasingly using Action Learning as an efficient and innovative...