Sunday 20 October 2019

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Mentoring skills for Mentors

Event (multiple dates) - (For Councillors interested in being a Mentor)  East Midlands Councils is holding two half day workshops for Councillors on Mentoring. The second session starting at 13:30 is for Councillors interested in being a Mentor. The session is designed specifically to...


Continuing Professional Development for Councillors

East Midlands Regional Programme of Policy Events for Councillors 2016-17 Programme of Development EMC has supported Councillors and Local authorities across the East Midlands with their programme of Policy events for the last 4 years, in this period over 910 Councillors have attended the well...

Mentoring for Mentees

Event (multiple dates) - (For Councillors interested in having a Mentor) East Midlands Councils is holding two half day workshops for Councillors on Mentoring. The first session is for Councillors interested in having a Mentor. The aim of the session is to explain mentoring and the role of...


EMC Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice How we use your personal information East Midlands Councils (referred to as EMC from here on) is a not-for-profit organisation comprising all 46 local authorities in the East Midlands. This privacy notice is to let you know how EMC promise to look after your personal information....


Charter recognises Councillor Development

News - The East Midlands Councillor Development Charter has been developed with the help and support of other regions in the country and Local Government Improvement and Development (IDeA as was). The purpose of the Charter is a vehicle to improve the corporate performance of local authorities...


Influencing Employment Matters and Engaging in Social Dialogue at European Level

East Midlands Councils provides a mechanism for local authorities to be part of consultation groups influencing the development of employment matters at European level, including new EC Directives.


Regional Employers’ Board

The Regional Employers’ Board forms the Employers’ Side of the Regional Joint Council.

Chairing and Effective Meetings

Event (multiple dates) - East Midlands Councils is holding two Chairing and Effective meetings skills workshops for Councillors.  Working in partnership with Rutland County Council, EMC is able to offer an evening sessions, in addition to a morning session. Available sessions; Wednesday 19...


Services for local authorities

Supporting implementation of national HR strategies, policies, conditions of service and national and European legislation


About Us

About East Midlands Councils - From this section you can find out about East Midlands Councils and what we do.