Tuesday 22 October 2019

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EMC Support to Member Organisations for 2018-19

Over the last year, EMC has continued its focus on the four pillars approach; an all-member organisation, policy development, collective work and lobbying, and better communication with our membership.  In total, £778,000 savings were secured on behalf of councils in membership, 1700...


Past Events Apr18-Mar19

Health, Safety & Welfare - 28th February 2019 1. Andy Cartwright - Working at Height    Alan Cox LPG equipment 3. Bernard Thorogood - What is an Employee   4. Sarah Bates - HSE Presentation   5. Graham Wilson - Clay Shooting Ground contact with electricity BASC...

Environmental Health 5 Pack + 1 - Housing Seminar

Event (multiple dates) - Housing Seminar - 4 November 2010 The fourth seminar in the 5 Pack + 1 2010/11 programme.  This seminar is hosted by the Leicestershire branch of CIEH.  Future details will be posted in due course. 5 Pack+1 - Housing Seminar - 4 Nov 2010 Prog

Environmental Health 5 Pack + 1 - Public Health Seminar

Event - Public Health Seminar- 24 February 2011 The final seminar in the 2010/11 programme looks at Public Health.  The hosts for the day will be the Northamptonshire Chief Environmental Health Officer group.  Further details will be posted in due course.

Environmental Health 5 Pack + 1 - Health & Safety Seminar

Event - Health & Safety Seminar - 22 July 2010     The second session in the 5 Pack + 1 series is Health & Safety.  This session is hosted by Derbyshire Chief Environmental Health Officers. The closing date for registration is 2 weeks prior to each event. All the seminars will be...

Environmental Health 5 Pack + 1 - Food Safety Seminar

Event - Food Safety - 30 September 2010     The third seminar in the 2010/11 series.  This seminar is hosted by the Lincolnshire branch of CIEH.  Further details will be posted in due course.


Past Events 2015-16

DESIGN FOR LIFE - 25TH Feb 2016 Programme Design for Life – are we creating legacies locally? - Amy Burbidge & Hayley Blundell Design for Life (the Dudley way) – what makes sense locally? - Helen Martin & Rupert Dugdale (Part 1) p Design for Life (the Dudley way) –...


Past Events Apr17-Mar18

Licensing - 7th December 2017 Fay Callaghan - Gambling in Licensed premises John Miley and Duncan Collings - Taxi review Jonathan Smith - Licensing Law   Rebecca Johnson - LGA Angela Rawson - Licensing in the Night Time Economy Public Health - 9th November 2017 Dawn Birkin...


60 Year CIEH Membership Award

On Thursday 15th June, EMC held the 50th session of the Low Cost CPD for Environmental Health Officers 5+1.  Barrie Sheard, a retired Environmental Health Officer from Amber Valley Borough Council, also attended and was presented with his 60 year membership of the CIEH.  

5 Pack + 1 - Legal

Event (multiple dates) - This programme is being organised by the Leicestershire Chief Environmental Health Officers Group. A copy of the programme can be found here All delegate bookings should be emailed to lisa.bushell@emcouncils.gov.uk For further information on the Low Cost CPD for...