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Exploring the Learning from Supervision

Event (multiple dates) - EMC is offering Coaches across the East Midlands the opportunity take part in Coaching Supervision. “Supervision” as a word can have overtones of someone looking over your shoulder to see what you are doing – right or wrong; so it can put off coaches...

“Making it Our Business” - A Commercial Awareness Programme for Operational Managers

Event (multiple dates) - A Commercial Awareness Programme for Operational Managers This modular programme is offered by EMC in partnership with NEREO to operational managers in public services to support them in becoming more commercially aware when looking for opportunities to trade their...

Making Progress on Problems

Event (multiple dates) - East Midlands Councils is running an action planning session for Councillors, which will provide an opportunity for Councillors to experience directly how action learning works and understand what the benefits are of working with fellow Councillors using action learning...


Annual Monitoring


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