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Migration and the East Midlands

East Midlands Councils and the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership are undertaking work on the patterns and impact of migration in the East Midlands.  The report will highlight the patterns of migration in the East Midlands, the identified impact on local authority services and how...

What is the impact of intra-EU migration? Are changes to free movement rules needed?

Event (multiple dates) - EMC is holding a participatory event on Intra-EU Migration and Free Movement.  The event will explore what the current level of intra-EU migration and its impact and provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss and share views as to whether changes...

Asylum, Refugee Resettlement and Modern Slavery Summit

Event (multiple dates) - Refugees displaced from Syria Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children Dispersal and Support Arrangements for Asylum Seekers The Eradication of Modern Slavery These are just some of the responsibilities that local authorities have in supporting migrants, asylum and...


Executive Board Meeting Papers

13 June 2014 Executive Board Papers-13.06.14 21 March 2014 Executive Board Papers-21.03.14 6 December 2013 Executive Board Papers 27 September 2013 Executive Board Papers 14 June 2013 Executive Board Papers 22 March 2013 Executive Board Papers 7 December 2012 Executive Board...

Strategic Migration Programme:-Health

Event (multiple dates) -


Regional Programme of Briefing events for Councillors

 The Regional Programme of Briefing events for Councillors is a series of 6 low cost knowledge based events for councillors in the region.  The programme will provide events on a variety of topical issues such as the impact of the localism act, planning, the role of local government in...