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Our support offer for Councillors in the East Midlands

The Councillor Development Network supports both local authority Members and Officers responsible for councillor learning and development, by sharing knowledge, information and ideas across the region through discussions and presentations.


East Midlands Councillor Development Charter

What is the Regional Councillor Development Charter? The East Midlands Charter has been based on a national template, but written to reflect the culture of the region.  It sets out a clear process for accreditation and a framework of standards of good practice for all councils to aspire to and...


Executive Board

Purpose The Executive Board is the strategic decision making body of East Midlands Councils on issues of interest and relevance to Local Authorities at the regional level. A strong voice on behalf of Local Government is needed to: Work collaboratively with Central Government and its...



This page contains information on COVID-19 in relation to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in the East Midlands, as well as those working with and supporting them. Please be advised that this is not a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information, however EMSMP team are...


Environmental Health CPD Programme (5+1)

5 Pack + 1 Programme 2010 - 2011 Low cost CPD for Environmental Health  These courses are part of the East Midlands low cost CPD  East Midlands Councils, working with CIEH East Midlands, have arranged 5 seminars; 1 for each of the county areas within the region and one regional regulatory...


Planners CPD Programme

April 2020-March 2021 Programme East Midlands Councils have again arranged a programme of 6 low cost CPD knowledge based seminars for both local authority and private sector planners. The programme will tackle issues of relevance to local planning authorities.  The 2020/21 seminar...


HR Consultancy

The quality of the service and the value for money provided is demonstrable from the excellent feedback received and the number of client organisations who return to use for continued and further support.


Our Team

Stuart Young, Executive Director Stuart is the chief officer at East Midlands Councils and responsible for oversight and management across the organisation.  With overall responsibility for EMC’s budget, employees and work programme, the Executive...

Council and its Governance (ADSO Virtual Course)

Event (multiple dates) - ADSO are delighted to announce the launch of the interactive, virtual course ‘Council and its Governance’.  Council and its Governance will be delivered as two three hour workshops held virtually.  Delegates will be required to attend both of the...


East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network

What is the East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network? The East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network has been designed and is delivered by East Midlands Councils (EMC).  The East Midlands Coaching Network aims to help organisations build internal coaching capacity and enable...