Sunday 07 June 2020

East Midlands Coaching Conference 2019

East Midlands Councils, the home of the East Midlands Coaching Network is delighted to announce details of our 7th annual coaching conference that will take place on 26 June in Melton Mowbray.

The full conference programme is available from this link -EM Coaching Conference Programme 2019 - Programme, 26 June 2019

Announcing Kim Morgan, Barefoot Coaching Keynote on Coaching for Change Kim Morgan

We’re delighted to be able to announce the keynote speaker on the day will be Kim Morgan (Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of coaching and University Accredited Coach Training).

Kim’s keynote session is a that we can all connect with ‘Coaching for Change’, with her session ‘No Stone Unturned’.

Kim is a sought-after conference speaker on all aspects of coaching and coach education, leadership and leadership development, psychology and change management. With over 30 years’ experience of psychology and people development, across all sectors of public and private business, Kim draws extensively on her experiences of what universally works to make great leaders, successful individuals, successful teams and outstanding organisations.

Interactive skills development workshops

The Conference will include a range of practical workshops that will support the continuing development of coaches, in whatever part of their coaching journey they are. The workshops will offer a mixture of skills development sessions, as well as new areas to enrich your coaching practise. 

Conference Programme

Positive Psychology and Coaching

The conference will start will an interactive and engaging session on coaching and positive psychology by Ana Paula Nacif. Ana, an experience executive coach, trainer and facilitator, who is currently studying for a professional doctorate in coaching and mentoring, with a focus on wellbeing.

Positive psychology has a lot to offer to enrich coaching practice across a wide range of contexts. In this session, Ana will talk about positive psychology principles and how to apply them in our coaching practice. She will share some practical examples of how positive psychology approaches can support individuals, teams and organisations. 


Seeing Me, Seeing You, Seeing Them

Halina Jaroszewska

Every behavioural preference tells a story and every story has a behavioural preference as its rising star. What is the story that your behavioural preferences tell the world about you?

A session playing with a powerful tool to unlock self-awareness and awareness of others and develop fabulous communication pathways. We all choose to communicate in certain ways, and we don’t always react and respond well if we are not communicated with in those ways. How powerful would it be as a coach to open windows or realisation in our clients about their communication preferences, enabling them to be able to ask for what they want in the right way with the desired outcomes.

Discover how to know and understand yourself better, and how to know and understand others better in order to improve the results that you get. If you would like to explore how you can with small tweaks communicate better thus enabling more fruitful conversations and relationships, this workshop will offer valuable inspiration. The benefits can impact on your work with individual clients, with teams and with contracting and stakeholders.

Solution Focused Brief Coaching

Ian Shepherd, Nottingham City Homes

Ian’s session will look to introduce coaches to solution focused brief coaching (SFBC) and provide an opportunity for coaches to have a go at using the approach in a safe environment.

Solution Focused Brief Coaching is an evidenced-based approach where the coach helps the client to build their own solutions by helping them:

  • Identify clearly what they want
  • Focus on what is working already
  • Identify the strengths, qualities and resources they already have
  • Recognise those small changes that can lead to larger changes at a pace they can handle.

Solution Focused Brief Coaching can often deliver results quicker than conventional approaches because it builds upon what is already working and recognises the limitations of traditional problem solving in resolving complex client issues and avoids it.

Using NLP in Coaching

Silvia Hanley

Anyone can learn Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and benefit from its long-lasting results. NLP enables people to achieve personal goals more quickly and effectively, and helps individuals get more out of life. What's more, NLP principles and techniques enable anyone to deal with problematic situations in a more creative and resourceful way. Embedding NLP principles in coaching is a great way to enrich the coaching experience for the coachee and help them reach their goals quicker. Common issues such as lack of confidence, and being calm in pressured situations are often coaching goals most coaches are familiar with. Would it not be great if you could help others to access these desired states quickly and 'at a touch of a button'?

Discover how you can change your state 'on demand' by using anchoring and how you can use NLP as part of your coaching approach.

The Mindful Coach

Jason Hall

An introduction to the benefits of a developing a Mindfulness coaching mindset, before, during and after!

Presenting an experiential workshop to demonstrate how adopting a mindfulness approach can help:

  • build the coaching relationship,
  • focus heightened listening,
  • develop and trust intuition,
  • ask better questions,
  • ensure constructive feedback.

We start by establishing a “Present Active Listening Mindset’ (PALM mode) and then look at the attitudes of mindfulness and how as coaches they can help us overcome our own barriers to aid insight and learning during a session and inform our reflective practices.

Keynote Session

No Stone Unturned’

Kim Morgan, Barefoot Coaching

This is a workshop for coaches who want to develop their knowledge of transformational change.  In the workshop we will discuss how to work with clients who want to make changes but who experience obstacles to making the change. 

Delegates will be introduced to Barefoot Coaching’s No Stone Unturned Model which explores the role and attitude of the coach in supporting clients to make changes and all the different areas to address to ensure no stone is left unturned in helping your client:

  • Beginnings – when did this first start?
  • Beliefs and Assumptions – what are you assuming that is stopping you?
  • Impact – what is the real impact on you of changing/not changing?
  • Everyday behaviours – what will be the long-term outcome if you keep doing the same thing?
  • How do you do that?  What are you doing, saying, thinking which is perpetuating current behaviours?
  • Rehearsal – practice being the change you want to see in safe places.
  • Evidence – collect evidence to combat limiting assumptions and evidence of change you are making

Each delegate will receive a pack of No Stone Unturned Cards with suggested coaching questions and exercises to accompany each coaching area.

Conference Information 

Registering a place

To book your place you will need you complete an online registration form available from the link below 

If you are a coach in the East Midlands Coaching Network and would like to attend, please contact Kirsty Lowe,

Who should attend this Conference?

  • Coaches in the East Midlands Coaching Network
  • Practising Coaches
  • Anyone interested in Coaching

The VenueConnections picture

Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB

Conference Date and Time

Wednesday 26 June 2019, 09:30 – 16:30


Free to coaches in the East Midlands Coaching Network.

£95 + VAT – for authorities subscribed to the network is (where individuals aren’t coaches in the network)

£150 + VAT members of East Midlands Councils

£175 +VAT – for anyone else interested to attend

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