Friday 30 October 2020

The Councillor Officer Relationship - building effective member-officer partnerships

EMC are subsidising this development opportunity and offering buy one get one free on all Councillor places, along with a free Officer place for each authority attending the event. 

'Building effective member/ officer partnerships'

East Midlands Councils is holding a half day seminar for Councillors and Officer on the Councillor/Officer Relationship.  The session will explore the member and officer relationship and identify how they can work to best effect for mutual benefit

This is a lively and interactive session, will provide an opportunity for members and officers to learn together and explore the member/officer relationship.  The half day session will provide those involved with an opportunity to explore and understand the key differences between officers and members it will also:

  • identifies the key frustrations most often experienced in member/officer relationships, and identify how to overcome them and work proactively together 
  • examines how potentially 'negative attitudes' can undermine the partnership and how to identify and resolve them 
  • outlines the '7 deadly sins' of the member/ officer relationship, the session will provide tips and techniques for members and officers on how to build efficient, effective and productive partnerships 

The session is based on a survey of over 400 elected members and other research carried out by Link Support Services (UK) Ltd which examined how to build an effective member/ officer partnership. It is also delivered by a former elected member (8 years Birmingham City Council) and a trainer and coach of elected members for 20 years

What delegates have said on previous sessions

"Lively, interesting - learned loads even if you are an experienced Councillor or Officer''

"Helps you to see things from different perspectives and build effective partnerships"

"Very worthwhile"

"Glad I didn't miss this - really helpful, very practical"

"Having trained members and officers for 20 years, David has a great take on what's needed to be successful working together"

The trainer is David McGrath

David McGrath is

  • A professional trainer being a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel Development. He has a distinctive delivery style which is lively and interactive
  • A former elected member. He was a Birmingham City Councillor for 8 years being also a former member of West Midlands Police Authority and West Midlands Fire Service
  • A speaker at national and regional events (keynote speaker for NACO)
  • Qualified and experienced having spent 19 years coaching and training members and officers. He has a combined Honours Degree in Politics and History
  • Working for many local authorities around the country (including Northern Ireland & Wales) providing elected member & officer development support
  • The author of a variety of publications on elected member development
  • Commissioned by Councils and employer bodies (North East Employers, Centre for Public Scrutiny, East Midlands Councils etc.) to provide training and development support for members and officers


Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB

Intended audience

  • Councillors, portfolio holders and opposition members
  • Midldle and senior managers


EMC are subsidising this development opportunity and offering buy one get one free on all Councillor places

EMC are also offering a free Officer place for each authority attending the event. 

Local Authority Members £95

Associate Members £115

Non-members £150

(all prices subject to VAT)


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