Sunday 31 May 2020

Design Midlands Events

National Design Guide: opportunities and obstacles

To help promote the new National Design Guide, Design Midlands are running a series of free webinars. The webinars provide an overview of the National Design Guide, including demonstrations of best practice and reflection on the post-covid19 world.They also cover the opportunities and obstacles that the National Design Guide presents.

The sessions will be interactive, with the Panel using questions and comments from the audience to help shape the discussion. They will also be asking you, the audience to provide them and others with insight into how your practice is being influenced by national and global events.

The webinars will be helpful to Councillors, and practitioners in the public and private sector, and anyone interested in delivering high-quality, well-designed places. Their panellists have extensive careers in both public and private practice and will be sharing their experience and perspectives.

The sessions will be delivered by Creating Excellence, and Design Midlands who manage the Design South West Review Panel and Midlands Design Review Panel and design enabling services. As Design Network partners, Creating Excellence and Design Midlands are providing this support as part of a programme being delivered across England by the Design Network, supported by MHCLG.

Feedback will be collated after the events.

There are three webinars running throughout June.  For information on dates and how to book please go to the Design Midlands website