Thursday 23 January 2020

East Midlands Coaching Network

Discover what East Midlands Councils Coaching Network can do for you…

There are currently 12 authorities and 48 coaches in the East Midlands Coaching network, which include

  • Ashfield District Council
  • Charnwood Borough Council
  • Harborough District Council
  • Kettering Borough Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Mansfield District Council
  • North West Leicestershire District Council
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Nottingham City Homes
  • Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue

Working collaboratively to Enhance Performance and Organisational Effectiveness

With coaching being an increasingly strong feature of organisational strategies and change programmes, our aim at East Midlands Councils is to enable and support the development of a collaborative coaching culture that helps individuals realise their potential and organisations achieve outstanding results. 

The East Midlands Coaching Network will help organisations build internal coaching capacity and enable people to access trained and experienced coaches from other local authorities and partner organisations to support performance, improvement and personal development at very low cost.

What does the East Midlands Coaching Network provide?

  • Sharing of coaching resources across the region through a shared service, shared cost approach
  • Access to high quality coaching and coaches with a range of expertise and experience
  • Access to an online management tool enabling organisations to easily manage the coaching request, selection and matching process  
  • Access to an extensive library of resources for both coach and coachee
  • Skills Development, CPD and Networking opportunities
  • A service managed by EMC to support internal resource and capacity savings

What are the benefits to participating Organisations?

  • Quick and easy access to qualified coaches
  • Significant cost savings of at least £20,500 per authority far beyond the value of your annual subscription
  • A means to view and manage coaching activity to help develop a sustainable and consistent coaching culture within your organisation
  • Develop relationships across the region to aid future collaboration

What are the benefits to the Coach?

  • Provide a range of coaching opportunities to help build experience and skills
  • Access to a variety of high quality resources to aid the development of the coaching relationship
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues and peer group support and ideas
  • Access to performance improving events such as skills workshops and coaching supervision and an annual conference to support their CPD

What are the benefits to the Coachees?

  • A choice of qualified coaches from a range of participating organisations with different skills and expertise
  • Ability to access resources which help identify your coaching needs
  • Evaluation of coaching outcomes and relationships on a confidential basis

How the Network will work

Coaching commitment

  • Participating organisations contribute at least two/four* qualified** coaches per year to the Coaching Network
  • Each nominated coach commits 12 coaching hours per year to the Coaching Network

*Number of coaches committed to the Network depends on organisation size.

**Coaches have to be qualified to ILM Level 5 (or equivalent) or above and have maintained their CPD.

Access to Coaching

  • Participating organisations can access 24/48*** hours of coaching
  • Additional coaching sessions may be allocated or can be purchased at low cost

***Access to number of coaching hours depends on organisation size.

Management of coaching activity

  • Participating organisations will identify a Coaching Champion who will champion the Network and Coaching and will receive updates on coaching activity on behalf of the organisation
  • Coaches and their coachees will be linked via an electronic matching tool
  • Coaching will be evaluated to ensure the maintenance of ethical and professional standards and an assessment of benefits and effectiveness are both met

Continuing Professional Development for Coaches

  • Coaches will have access to coaching skills development sessions and network events through the Network to support their CPD.  Coaches will need to commit to regularly attending a development session
  • Coaches will have access to a wide range of resources through the online coaching support tool/matching database
  • An annual coaching conference will provide coaches with an opportunity to access the latest coaching techniques and enhance and develop their skills as a coach.  It will also provide the opportunity to network with other colleagues and get support and ideas from the peer group

2019/2020 Programme

Please see below information regarding our ILM 5 & 7 Coaching Programmes offer for 2018-2019.

East Midlands Councils Coaching Programmes 2019-2020

We also have Coaching CPD Sessions organised on the following dates - 25th September, 4th December and 18th March 2020 - please visit our events page for further information.

Future Development of the Network

  • We will be working to include other regional talent pools within the coaching network, eg mentoring and further information will be available very soon.
  • Please see our events page for the workshop on Developing a Mentoring and Coaching Strategy on 19th September 2019.

Membership of the East Midlands Coaching Network, from 1 April 2016

EMC Councils Member Organisations

District/Borough: £505 per annum – minimum 2 trained coaches supplied to the network

County/Unitary: £1,015 per annum – minimum 4 trained coaches supplied to the network

Non Member Organisations

< 1,000 employees £765 per annum – minimum 2 coaches supplied to the network

> 1,000 employees £1530 per annum – minimum 4 coaches supplied to the network

Independent Coaches

The East Midlands Councils welcomes independent coaches to apply to join the network.  For further information on the cost contact East Midlands Councils

Annual subscription fee, subject to VAT

Contact us

For further information about the East Midlands Coaching Network and details of how to join please contact Lisa Butterfill or Kirsty Lowe, or

East Midlands Councils, Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB (Telephone 01664 502 620)

For further information about the Network and how to join see the guide to the Network

A guide to the East Midlands Coaching Network 

East Midlands Coaching Pool - Promotional Flyer

A guide to Coaching for Coaches