Sunday 31 May 2020

East Midlands Scrutiny Network

The East Midlands Councils Scrutiny network is a local authority network for Councillors and Officers involved with Scrutiny.

The network provides Councillors and Officers with the opportunity to share knowledge, work programmes and information, as well as providing an opportunity to explore national developments concerning scrutiny.

Chair of the Network - Cller Peter Innes, Chesterfield Borough Council

Vice Chair of the Network - Rachel Appleyard, Chesterfield Borough Council

Lead Officer - Kirsty Lowe, East Midlands Councils

Terms of Reference

EMSN Terms of Reference Scrutiny

Future meeting dates  

  • 26 June - to be confirmed
  • 25 September - to be confirmed
  • 4 December - to be confirmed

Past meetings

Task and Finish Group working

In March 2019 the East Midlands Scrutiny Network held a focused network meeting on the topic of Task and Finsih Group working.  THis provided councils with the opportunity to share and learn from other councils on the topic of task and finish group working.  Documents shared during this sessions included;

Northampton BC - scrutiny panel protocol

Chesterfield Borough Council - Guidance Document for Scrutiny Project Groups

Chesterfield BC - SPG - Project Start Report 2019 draft

Chesterfield Borough Council - Final Project Group Report template

BDC- Scrutiny Work Programme

BDC - Topic Suggestion

BDC - Review Scope

BDC - Process Guide - task and finish

Charnwood BC - Scrutiny Protocol