Wednesday 28 October 2020

Influencing Employment Matters and Engaging in Social Dialogue at European Level

East Midlands Councils provides a mechanism for local authorities to be part of consultation groups influencing the development of employment matters at European level, including new EC Directives.

East Midlands is a member of CEEP UK which represents the interests of public sector employers in the UK and is part of CEEP, one of the main partners recognized by the EU as representing employers in negotiations on European level employment issues and legislation.   Key current issues include procurement, equality (particularly equal pay), youth unemployment, working time.

Autonomous Framework Agreement on Digitalisation 

Attached here is a copy of the new Autonomous Framework Agreement on Digitalisation which has been reached by the EU “Cross Sectoral” Social Partners; CEEP, Business Europe, SME United and the ETUC.

This will be formally “signed” on 1 July 2020 and so becomes effective from then.

Autonomous Framework Agreements require implementation within member states through “normal” employee relations/management practices and the European Commission checks on progress through annual reviews/reports in each of the 3 years following the agreements coming into effect.

CEEP UK is effectively a signatory to the agreement as it is signed by CEEP itself, however, the current negotiations on the UK’s future relationships with the EU are an issue particularly if the UK leaves the European Union in 2021 without a “deal” and, therefore, is no longer bound by European laws, regulations and such agreements.

The agreement is being sent to all CEEP UK members for their information so they can take whatever action they deem appropriate.

Once the outcome of the Government/EC negotiations on further relationships are better understood we can return to this issue if necessary.