Monday 06 July 2020

Attracting and Developing Talent

People professionals have an important role to play in providing support and guidance in designing and developing approaches to attracting, engaging and retaining talent that fit the needs of the organisation.

This includes understanding the key challenges facing the organisation in attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining talented people to meet immediate and future strategic objectives and business needs. It’s also important to develop and signpost career opportunities for all employees and creative strategies for unleashing employee potential

East Midlands Councils is delighted to be providing an opportunity to hear from key speakers renowned in this important area to help in the achievement of your personal and organisational objectives:

  • Career Pathway Frameworks - Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Matt Gofton, Senior HR Solutions Manager
  • Unconscious Bias - SHL the global leader in talent management, Penny Baker, Managing Consultant
  • Talent Derailment - Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University – (Guardian’s University of the Year), Suzanne Ross, Senior Lecturer, Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach
  • Workforce Planning - Local Government Association (LGA)Nigel Carruthers and Stephen Cooper, Workforce Team
  • Modernising Recruitment - JGP, creative public sector recruitment solutions, Steven Doyle, Head of Client Success
  • Culture and Talent - our journey - Anglian Water (Winner of the Best Place to Work in 2019, Glassdoor) Emma Plowman, Head of People and Culture

Our speakers will provide research, information and practical case studies on themes relating to modernising recruitment including creative solutions, career pathway frameworks, the impact of unconscious bias, workforce planning, talent derailment and the impact on talent management strategies.

There will also be opportunities for networking throughout the day.

Conference Programme, including

Talent derailment

Delivered by Dr Suzanne Ross, this is an interactive session designed to enhance understanding of talent derailment. The session supports those engaged in attracting and developing talent to understand what it is that causes highly talented and previously successful people to stall, plateau or derail in their careers. The session provides an overview of the scale, scope and consequences of talent derailment and provides insights into how to prevent talented people from derailing and how to support those who are derailing to get back on track.  The session includes:

  • A review of the scale, scope and cost of talent derailment
  • An understanding of the causes of talent derailment
  • Insights into how an understanding of talent derailment can be incorporated into talent management practices
  • An understanding of development strategies to get people back on track

Talent management strategies, practices and processes rarely proactively consider talent derailment despite research suggesting that in leadership roles between 25% - 40% of talented leaders are at risk of derailment. This session will help those engaged in recruiting, developing and retaining talent to proactively incorporate talent derailment into their talent strategy.

Anglian Water - award winning journey of culture and talent, Emma Plowman, Head of People and Culture

Emma Plowman, Head of People and Culture at Anglian Water will provide insights into their culture and talent journey which resulted in the achievement of Best Place to Work in 2019 (Glassdoor) and more importantly what they are planning now and in the future.

  • Why does culture define an organisation and the talent it can attract?
  • How do you develop a culture that gets you to be Glassdoor #1? Why we want to do more even with this award.
  • Why do we think culture is the most important activity the People Team will focus on in the next two years and its link to talent within AW?
  • Talent attraction to a utility in the Anglian region, why it is harder for us! And why it’s going to be harder to retain our people. 

Diversity and Unconscious Bias, Penny Baker, SHL

Just knowing about bias is not going to improve the diversity within organisations, companies need to act on it to make a difference. This Plenary Session by Managing Consultant Penny Baker will help you understand what bias is, why it occurs, what impact it has and what you can do to mitigate it.

Subjects we will be covering;

  • Understand unconscious bias – what it is and why we all have it
  • Learn about the day-to day impact unconscious bias has on organisations
  • Understand the business case for reducing bias

Practical suggestions for reducing unconscious bias in recruitment, appraisal and development

Workshop information

Date and time

9 October 2019

10:00 - 16:00


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Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB

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Dr Suzanne Ross, MSc, BSc, Consultant, facilitator and executive coach

Suzanne is founder of 2thrive Consultancy. 2thrive combines research, evidence based solutions with practical and pragmatic strategies helping individuals, teams and organisations solve their talent and leadership challenges. Suzanne has over 15 years international experience in leadership, talent and team development working across the private, public and third sector with organisations as diverse as technology start-ups, FTSE 100’s and Local Authorities. With a Doctorate in Leadership Talent, Success and Derailment, Suzanne is a part-time Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University teaching on the Executive MBA, MBA and MSc in Management and Leadership and is lead consultant on leadership and talent consultancy projects. An expert on how leadership talent is defined and how some talented leaders go on to sustain successful careers whilst others derail, Suzanne provides expert opinion to the press, has published in peer reviewed journal articles, is a regular speaker and is currently completing a book chapter on talent derailment. Suzanne is an experienced Executive Coach regularly supporting leaders to develop their leadership career and develop self-awareness around potential career derailers.

Penny Baker, Managing Consultant and Chartered Occupational Psychologist 

Penny Baker is a Managing Consultant and Chartered Occupational Psychologist working with SHL in the UK. Penny has extensive experience in supporting organisations with their Talent Management across the employee life cycle from leadership selection to succession planning. Penny remains fascinated with how personality drives behaviour and how this manifests itself across role and organisational challenges. She has a particular interest in diversity, inclusion, resilience, and health. 

Her recent blog on - 5 Ways to Limit or Remove Unconscious Bias From the Workplace

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