Monday 03 August 2020

Being an Effective Councillor: Strengthening and Sustaining Personal Resilience

Being an elected Member can be tough: the public profile, credibility and expectations placed upon elected Members are numerous, requiring the maintenance of high levels of energy and performance. Carrying out multiple roles and working with a variety of people and managing a variety of different roles and situations (not to mention getting the work-life balance’ right) requires resilience.

Personal resilience is about maintaining a sense of wellbeing, being mentally strong, effectively meeting different demands and performing at one’s best on behalf of individuals, communities as well as being an effective leader. This is a very practical seminar that will provide each participant with methods and helpful ideas to manage the pressures they face and enable them to be able to maximise the positive aspects of being an elected Member.

This will be an interactive session with plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing experiences.

Programme content

Introduction - What is resilience?

  • Circumstances that undermine resilience
  • The effects of reduced levels of resilience

Personal control

  • Generalised stress
  • Reacting to situations

 The support of others

  • Relationships & interacting with others

Strategies to strengthen resilience

*Please note the content of the programme as shown here is to provide a guide and may be adapted to reflect the learning styles and needs of participants and to accommodate unforeseen or other circumstances.

About the Trainer

Jacqueline Mansell MA, BSc (Hons) Psychology. FIfL and Chartered FCIPD is a professional personal development management, training management and equalities facilitator and trainer with over 20 years’ experience in these disciplines. In addition Jacqueline provides counselling, coaching and team development. She has a strong track record working with elected members where for many years she held a position which involved contributing to strategy and member development programmes for 46 councils.


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Local Authority Members £95
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Non-members £150

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