Overview and Scrutiny Workshop for Chairs and Vice Chairs

EMC is hosting a 3 hour virtual session on Overview and Scrutiny, this workshop will focus specifically on the role of the Chair and Vice Chair.  The workshop is suitable for new and experienced non-executive councillors and co-optees involved in O&S activity.  The workshop will draw on people’s experience and insights from the tutor.

The workshop will focus on the specific tasks of the Chair and Vice-chair in providing leadership to the scrutiny function, exploring the guidance provided by Government in 2019, considering matters relating to the culture and relationships in your council that influence scrutiny, discussing how you build capacity for O&S activity of different types and motivate your members and getting the most out of O&S to make an impact on your council and for its residents

The focus will be guided by participants and your particular approach to scrutiny in your council. There is scope for problem solving and development of O&S in your council, with the emphasis placed on the need for a return on investment from O&S and value-added outcomes from its work.

This virtual interactive workshop will include breaks, to ensure that those taking part can get the most out of the session.

The programme will include;

  • Introductions and experience
  • A refresh of the role and value of O&S in your councils
  • The specific roles of the Chair and Vice-chair;
    • Providing leadership
    • Building relationships
    • Preparing for scrutiny
    • Building capacity including motivating members
    • Engaging wider participation
    • Managing scrutiny activity
    • Getting results
    • Evaluating the function
    • Developing the function

The workshop facilitator

The tutor, Ann Reeder, is an experienced local government and public sector trainer, who has worked in the sector in various roles for nearly thirty years. She was an elected member of a London Borough and in its leadership, has been a parish councillor in Somerset and is an experienced chair. She has experience in all types of council and political control. Her sessions have positive evaluation and repeat commissions. She involves learners throughout the workshop and is outcome focused

Date and Time 

Tuesday 29 June, 10:00 – 13:00

These workshops will be 3 hours in length, breaks will be included throughout the session to aid concentration and enjoyment of the virtual workshop.


  • £75.00 per person for EMC Members;
  • £85.00 per person for Associate Members; and
  • £105.00 per person for non-members.

The workshop numbers are limited to ensure the sessions are interactive, early booking is advised.

How to book

To book a place please use the link below.  If you have any questions please contact Kirsty.Lowe@emcouncils.gov.uk

Purchase order – please ensure that you provide a purchase order number, either on the online booking form or by sending to Kirsty.lowe@emcouncils.gov.uk.  For information, the purchase order number will need to be made out to Nottingham City Council, for more information on this visit here.

Upcoming Dates for this event