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What is the Executive Board and what does it do?

The Executive Board is the strategic decision making body of East Midlands Councils. It is made up of 14 local council leaders, plus leaders of the 4 main political groups represented on East Midlands Councils and the Chair of the Peak District National Park Authority.

For more information see the Executive Board page.

For a list of its members, see the Membership page

What is East Midlands Councils and what does it do?

East Midlands Councils is the representative and consultative forum for 44 authorities in the region. It provides support to Councils to improve their services and is a strong voice for the East Midlands.

For more information see the East Midlands Councils page.

Why do we need East Midlands Councils?

East Midlands Councils enables councils across the region to work together effectively to tackle strategic issues.

How many staff work for East Midlands Councils?

17 members of staff work for East Midlands Councils (15 FTE's).

How much funding does East Midlands Councils require each year and where does it come from?

East Midlands Councils will receive approximately £1.1 million from local authority subscriptions and other incomes.

What benefits will the public receive from East Midlands Councils?

The public will benefit from local councils working together to tackle big, strategic issues in a coordinated and effective way.

Are meetings open to the public and are reports and minutes freely available?

Yes – East Midlands Councils Full Meeting is open to the public and meets twice a year - for further details, please click here

Will councillors serving on East Midlands Councils receive remuneration and, if so, what are the rates?

Yes. Information on allowances can be found on the following document:
Members Allowances Scheme - February 2011

How can I contact East Midlands Councils?

What geographical area does East Midlands Councils cover?

East Midlands Councils  covers the counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland.

See: Map of the Local Authorities in the East Midlands

How does East Midlands Councils operate?

East Midlands Councils is managed by the Internal Governance Board, which is made up of 10 East Midlands Councils members. It manages the business of East Midlands Councils and makes decisions as delegated or authorised by East Midlands Councils.
Further information is available in the operational requirements for Boards and Groups document.

What is your spending on all activities?

Details of our spending will be published in our Annual Report.

What is the legal structure of the East Midlands Councils ?

East Midlands Councils is an unincorporated organisation. Nottingham City Council is the ‘Accountable Body’.