Sunday 29 March 2020

HR Resources

East Midlands People Conference

Thank you to those who attended the inaugural East Midlands People Conference.  The presentations and resources mentioned on the day are available below.

CIPD - Future of Work and HR - Ed Houghton, Head of Research and Thought Leadership

Please see below the presentation from Ed which featured how the world of work is changing and what this means for our people professionals.

Ed Houghton CIPD People Conference 6 Feb 2019

IES Presentation and additional resources - Alison Carter, Research Fellow, IES

Alison Carter Change Readiness People Conference 6.2.2019

Please see below some case studies in relation to Strategic change-readiness for organisations and Change capability in the agile organisation

Improving Productivity and Managing Culture - PACE at work Steve Whiddett

PACE Improving Productivity Managing Culture Steve Whiddett  

At the conference, Steve mentioned being able to access all the PACE tools and information.  If you would like to take advantage of this then please email Steve directly:

CIPD Profession Map Workshop - Matt Gofton, Senior Employment Solutions Manager, CIPD

The slides from Matt's interactive workshop introduce the new profession map and explore some of the functionality and changes supporting individuals and teams in their work, development and careers.

CIPD- New Profession Map Workshop

Additional resources also available for you:

New profession map


Coaching - Using coaching to develop performance and engagement, Trayton Vance, CEO, Coaching Focus

Please see the link below to the "Coaching Focus" brochure for your information.

Coaching Focus Brochure

21st Century Public Servant - what drives people's performance? Nigel Carruthers, LGA and Dr Martin Reddington, MRA

Below are the slides from the above workshop in which Nigel and Martin shared the insights from the work they have undertaken on performance and engagement and how their research re-orientates itself with 21st Century Public Servant themes

 21stCPS - Enagagement performance Melton Mowbray 6-02-19 PDF VERSION

Team Coaching Session - Sandra Whiles and Emily Jones

Emily and Sandra demonstrated the Trust Equation and the Obstacle Analysis Grid and these tools are below for your information.

Whiles and Jones Coaching Tools

They also referenced a book called Jump by Chris Henderson - below is the link to his website where you should be able to get a free copy.