Sunday 29 March 2020

Increasing the delivery of affordable housing

The overall level of investment available through Affordable Homes Programme 2011-16 (AHP), which makes up an important part of the supply of new affordable homes, represents a significant cut from the previous CSR period. In addition, housing associations based in the East Midlands were less successful in making bids to the AHP than has previously been the case.

East Midlands Councils formed a Task Group to look at how councils in the East Midlands could increase the delivery of affordable housing, amid concerns that without significant effort by all players in the housing delivery chain, delivery of affordable housing in the East Midlands may well be severely constrained over the next few years.

The Task Group has produced the following:  

Investing in Opportunity: A prospectus for new affordable housing in the East Midlands.

The East Midlands Declaration on Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Good Practice Guide - The Task Group has worked with the CIH East Midlands Regional Committee to jointly publish examples of good practice by local authorities and their partners in seeking to overcome the combined challenges of reduced availability of funding and increasing housing need.

Further resources 

LGA publications and resources

A number of examples from the East Midlands are included in case studies recently published by the LGA which show how councils are beating barriers to deliver housing. They are available here. The LGA has also published extensive resources, including Very much up for it which showcases the different practices undertaken by councils to support housing development during the recession, and other useful publications which are available from the housing section of the LGA website.  

Firm Foundations  

This April 2011 publication by the Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH) sets out the benefits of house-building by stock retained councils. It includes case studies about council house building in Broxtowe Borough Council and Corby Borough Council.

HCA Guidance

HCA has published extensive collection of best practice and guidance regarding Affordable Housing and S106 which is available here.