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Lincolnshire Member Development Programme

Lincolnshire Learning Together - Member Development Programme 2010 – 2011 

This programme is free to elected Members participating authorities in Lincolnshire (East Lindsey District Council, South Holland District Council, South Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, North Kesteven District Council, Boston Borough Council and West Lindsey District Council) and non-executive directors of health authorities; members of the police authority.

Workshop, Date and Time





 Community Leadership/Engagement 23 November 2010  2pm - 5pm 

Lincolnshire County Council

Time Management

19 January 2011

2pm – 5pm

North Kesteven DC

Partnership working

03 February 2011

2pm – 5pm

South Holland DC

Partnership working

7 February 2011

5pm -8pm

Lincolnshire County Council

Media Training

16 February 2011

2pm – 5pm

East Lindsey DC

Speed Reading

10 March 2011

2pm – 5pm

South Holland DC

Public Speaking

15 March 2011

2pm – 5pm

East Lindsey DC

Time Management

22 March 2011

5pm -8pm

West Lindsey District Council

Speed Reading

 26 May 2011

5pm -8pm

Lincoln County Offices

Chairing Skills

07 June 2011

5pm -8pm

Lincoln County Offices

Overview and Scrutiny (Questioning Skills, Task and Finish Group Working)

15 June 2011

5pm -8pm

North Kesteven DC

Media Training

30 June 2011

5pm -8pm

City of Lincoln

Chairing Skills

06 July 2011

2pm – 5pm

South Kest even DC

Public Speaking

20 July 2011

5pm -8pm


Overview and Scrutiny (Questioning Skills, Task and Finish Group Working)

 14 July 2011

2pm – 5pm

East Lindsey DC

RefreshmentsIt has been agreed by the steering group that refreshments will be made available for delegates as follows;

For sessions between  2pm – 5pm,  refreshments from 1.30pm (Tea, coffee and biscuits)
For sessions between  5pm – 8pm   refreshments from 4.30pm (Tea, coffee and light buffet)

Communications and Booking Process

Flyers for each workshop on the programme are attached below

The options for booking are either members book directly with yourselves or directly with EMC.  There is a Booking section on the flyer which allows you to tailor your approach to this and advise your members accordingly.

If members are booking with yourselves, please provide the following information to EMC;

  • Delegate Name
  • Any special requirements relating to Disability and/or Dietary (where buffet is being provided)
  • E-Mail or Contact Address for joining instructions

To avoid cancellation charges for each module we need to have delegate names one month prior to each event.

One week before the event, EMC will provide joining instructions for each delegate to include workshop name, date, timing, location and car parking/access arrangements.   

Facilitators equipment/requirements

I would be grateful if you could arrange for Laptop, projector and flipchart to be available for each session.  If your authority has encrypted laptops please let me know and I will ask the facilitator to bring their own.

Room style

Could you please arrange for the room layout to be as conducive to learning as possible.  If facilitators have particular requirements with regard to this we will advise prior to the workshop.


Our facilitators are well briefed on the programme and are happy to open up the training sessions as normal, however if you or one of your Members would like to introduce the session and encourage attendance and awareness of the whole programme, then this would be definitely welcome.           


Participating delegates will complete an on the night feedback form which is currently in development. When the form is agreed a final copy will be circulated.

Please can I ask you to print these out and give to the facilitator at the beginning of the session and ensure they are handed in to either yourselves or nominated councillor/officer in your authority.

I would be grateful if you could return the completed forms to me by post to the address below or scanned and e-mailed to

If you have any additional questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Butterfill, HR & Development Manager

East Midlands Councils, Phoenix House, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0UL

Direct Line 01664 502643Communications

Countywide Name Plate 



Chairing skills flyer - 7 June.doc

Scrutiny Flyer - 15 June.doc

Media Skills Flyer - 30 June.doc

Chairing skills flyer - 6 July.doc

Scrutiny Flyer - 14 July.doc

Presentation and Public Speaking flyer - 20 July.doc

Evaluation - feedback from sessions Community Leadership and Engagement - 23 November

23 Nov - Community Engagement and Leadership Evaluation summary

23 November - Community Engagement.xls

Community Leadership and Engagement - 10 January 2011

Community Engagement - 10 Jan 11

Community engagement summary - 10 Jan 11 

Time Management - 19 January 2011

Time Management 19 Jan - summary evaluation

Time Management 19 Jan - summary evaluation.xls

Strategic Partnership working - 3 February 2011

Partnership working - 3 February 2011 

Partnership working - 3 February 2011.xls

Media skills - 16 February 2011

Media Skills evaluation overview - 16 February 2011

Media Skills - 16 February 2011.xls

Speed Reading - 10 March 2011

Speed reading - 10 March 2011

Speed Reading attendance list 10 March 2011

Public Speaking - 15 March 2011

Public speaking - 15 March 2011

15 Mar - Public Speaking attendance list 15 March 2011 

Time Management - 22 March 2011

 22 Mar - Time Management.doc

Time management - 22nd March 2011.doc

Speed and effective reading - 26 May 2011

26 May - Speed reading.xls

26 May - Speed reading.doc

Chairing skills - 7 June 2011

7 June - Chairing skills.xls

7 June - Chairing skills.doc

 7 June 2011 - Chairing skills attendance list

Overview and Scrutiny - 15 June 2011

15 June - Scrutiny.doc

15 June - Scrutiny.xls

 Media skills - 30 June 2011

30 June - Media skills.xls

30 June - Media skills.doc

30 June - Media attendance list

Chairing Skills - 6 July 2011

 Evaluation summary 6 July 2011 - Chairing Skills  

Chairing skills - 6 July attendance list

 Partnership Working - 7 July 2011

 Evaluation summary 7 July - Partnership working

 7 July 11 - Partnership Working attendance list

  Overview and Scrutiny - 14 July 2011

 Evaluation summary 14 July - Scrutiny

 Scrutiny - 14 July attendance list

Public Speaking - 20 July 11

Public Speaking - 20 July 11 attendance list

Evaluation summary - Public Speaking - 20 July 11