Cyber Security Workshop - zED

zED: baselining your peers and suppliers email

zED, a point product/tool, directly addresses a question that came from the WARPs about how public sector organisations can assess the email hygiene of their peers and suppliers. zED checks TLS and DNS records to ascertain this in a weekly scan based upon the domains you ask it to scan and is complimentary to NCSC’s Mail Check tool. This presentation covers the background as well as the new 2021 features.

What others say about zED:

– “Just getting the information in this way saves so much time on gathering it and putting it in a spreadsheet, repeat.”

– “I saw the words risk baseline and I finally knew what the SIRO here had been trying to tell us about emails (in governance language) for the last few years ?? I told him about the zED service and his response was ‘Good idea’”

Aduience - this virtual workshop is aimed at members of the East Midlands Goverment WARP.  The event is open to members of other WARPs nationally and wider local authority cyber security professional not in the EMGWARP in the East Midlands.

The workshop is free to attend.

Date and time - 4 March 2021, 10:00 - 11:00

Information on how to join the workshop will be sent prior to the event.

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