Eritrean Cultural Orientation Session

Eritrean Cultural Orientation Session

IOM UK are holding a 2.5 hour virtual Information Session on Wednesday 25th November at 2pm on Eritrean Culutral Orientation.


Integration works best when both refugees and those receiving them have a good understanding of each other's expectations, cultural differences, and practices. By exploring Eritrean refugees' perspectives, experiences, and needs, host communities can increase their understanding and adapt their support for enhanced effectiveness.

In this 2.5 hour webinar, IOM UK will provide an overview of Eritrean communities through topics such as cultural heritage, health and education experiences, recent history, and conditions of displacement. IOM UK recommends registering as soon as possible, as participants will be limited to 25 people to encourage a more interactive session. Upon registering, participants are asked to complete a pre-session questionnaire to help better tailor the focus of the day.

Where and when

14:00pm-16:30pm, Wednesday 25th November 2020.

Via WebEx


The training cost is FREE.


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