Sunday 20 October 2019

13 September 2019

HS2 Oakervee Review

Oakervee Review: Submission from the East Midlands

The Government has appointed Douglas Oakervee to lead a Panel to advise on whether HS2 should go ahead and if so in what form, for a ‘go/no go’ decision by the end of the 2019.  There is no representative from either the East Midlands or Midlands Connect/Engine on the Review Panel.  As a result, the East Midlands Strategic Board chaired by Cllr Kay Cutts MBE has made a submission direct to the Panel summarising the evidence base underpinning the East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy, and making the wider economic base for delivery of the Eastern Leg of HS2. A copy of the submission is available via the link below.