New global resettlement scheme for the most vulnerable refugees announced

01 June 2019

New global resettlement scheme for the most vulnerable refugees announced

In June 2019, the Government announced that the UK will continue to resettle thousands of refugees under a new scheme set to start in 2020, the Home Secretary announced.  For further details, click here.

EMSMP's update on the new global scheme

The East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership is working with the Home Office, LGA, local authorities and other key stakeholders to put in place the arrangements to house and support refugees as the process emerges. The cost of supporting the refugees in their first year in Britain will be funded from foreign aid spending. The Migration pages of the East Midlands Councils website will be updated as we progress. Information is also available on the LGA website Refugees | Local Government Association

In response to public offers of accommodation, in the first instance, council private sector housing teams might want to collate the details so that once we have further information from government on who will be arriving in the UK and when, you can assess whether you can make use of their offer to provide housing. For the many other offers (such as local people wanting to make a donation or offer assistance in kind) you may want to direct people to the local and national charities which are offering support to refugees already in the UK. This will ensure that the support provided is tailored to vulnerable people's needs in the most appropriate way. Significant or substantive offers of assistance can be referred to the Home Office.