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03 August 2016

Statement from East Midlands Councils on Home Affairs Committee Report on Migration

Responding to the Home Affairs Select Committee Report on Migration that suggests councils need to do more to support Syrian refugee families, East Midlands Councils said:

"The data in the report is inaccurate as well as out of date. It is unfortunate that the Home Affairs Committee did not contact the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership prior to publication as we would have been happy to provide evidence to the Committee and to correct the errors in the report”.

Councils in the East Midlands have pledged 950 places over 21 local authority areas for refugees across the lifetime of the programme. The accurate figures for those resettled as at the end of March were:

Nottingham City: 44

Broxtowe Borough: 5

Gedling Borough: 16

Mansfield District: 16

Leicester City 15

Councils in the East Midlands have an excellent track record in welcoming asylum seeking and refugee children and their families for many years and continue to work hard to support the Syrian resettlement scheme, alongside all the other schemes in current operation. Additional Syrian refugee families have arrived since this data was published. Councils are keen to ensure that new arrivals receive appropriate support for their needs and have developed responses to the different schemes accordingly.

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The Report: House of Commons, Home Affairs Committee: Migration Crisis-Seventh Report of Session 2016–17 was published on 3rd August 2016. The full report can be found at:


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