Virtual Action Learning Sets – a case study

12 November 2020

Over the last few months, we have experienced a rapid pace of change, affecting both our work and home environment. This change has required people to react, plan and do at a speed that can be both overwhelming and all-consuming. EMC has developed a programme of support for councils in the region to help with these implications. An example has been our virtual action learning sets and during the summer we ran two virtual action learning sets in a local authority - one for managers and one for team members.

The sets provided a focused space for individuals to consider areas where they wanted to make progress, exploring work challenges where they felt stuck, or needed an opportunity to refocus and move forward.

Here is an example of the great feedback on the programme from a participant:

“I have just been prepping for the next session and I am so surprised how differently I have approached this. My thought process, how I feel, where we are now, where we need to be has changed in such a positive way. This has taken me by surprise, I feel great with this approach. I really do appreciate yours and Lisa’s time to help improve my way of thinking and working”.

This programme included:

• One-hour virtual workshop, introducing the concept of action learning, questioning, insight and working through a problem.

• A 3-hour action learning set, hosted virtually by EMC experienced facilitators, enabling participants to spend time on their chosen problem/challenge.

• A follow-up 3-hour action learning session, providing space to reflect on the thinking and commitments from the previous session and allow individuals to choose to either make progress on the same problem or bring a new problem/opportunity.

While this particular programme was delivered in 3 parts, programmes are tailored to meet the organisation’s needs.

Contact Lisa or Kirsty to discuss Action Learning or or visit here for more information.