Tuesday 14 July 2020

East Midlands No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) Network and UASC Task Group

The East Midlands No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) Network and UASC Task Group is a joint task group. 


  • To consider the impact of migration on the region in relation to unaccompanied children who have been in the asylum system
  • To link with and inform regional strategies and initiatives particularly relating to unaccompanied children who have been in the asylum system
  • To identify and seek to address gaps in resources, service provision and delivery to unaccompanied children who have been in the asylum system

‘No recourse to public funds’ applies to a person who is subject to immigration control; does not have the right to work; and has no entitlement to welfare benefits, public housing or UKBA asylum support.
The NRPF policy affects a wide range of people who are subject to immigration control, including refused asylum seekers, visa over-stayers, post-18 former unaccompanied asylum seeking children, people in the UK on spousal visas and some EEA migrants.

Case law has ruled that those who are destitute and in the country lawfully are entitled to local authority support where they are assessed as being in need of care and attention (National Assistance Act, 1948) or, if they are in the country unlawfully, where it would be a breach of their human rights to withhold or withdraw support (Human Rights Act, 1998). Individuals with mental health problems, physical health problems, older people and those suffering domestic violence may be entitled to local authority services. In addition, support may be provided by a local authority to a family under the Children Act 1989 where a child is found to be a ‘child in need’.

Local authorities are experiencing ongoing and increasing demand for support from destitute people from abroad who have NRPF. The following issues are of concern to local authorities:
• Concern over the costs of providing support
• Concern over increasing numbers of clients being supported
• A lack of statutory policy guidance on how authorities should respond to NRPF
• A lack of expertise within authorities for dealing with NRPF cases effectively
• Costly legal challenges of decisions made by authorities in respect of clients with NRPF
• Concerns around the impact of NRPF on community cohesion and community safety
• The long-term nature of providing NRPF support and the lack of resolution of cases

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference are available to download from the links below.

NRPF Terms of reference

UASC Task Group Terms of Reference


  • open to local authorities and voluntary sector organisations who work with unaccompanied asylum seeking children.
  • open to all local authorities and their representative bodies. Other statutory and voluntary sector organisations with an interest in the statutory response to NRPF are invited to participate in and contribute to the Network.




Please see below future NRPF meeting dates:

The venue is: British Red Cross, 2 Bridge Park Rd, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8PQ.

Thursday 18th July 2019 between 10am – 12pm
Friday 25th October 2019 between 10am – 12pm

Should you wish to attend any of the above meetings, please contact Brein Fisher at East Midlands Councils.