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Partner Organisations


The East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership works with a number of national partners including:

The Home Office - This section provides details about our structure, our aims and our work.

If you are interested in finding out about the work of the Home Office as a whole, this information is available from the main  Home Office website


Refugee Action has over 25 years' experience in the reception, resettlement, development and integration of asylum seekers and refugees.

Refugee Action’s Asylum Advice teams provide a reception service for newly arrived asylum seekers, as well as advice and advocacy. Our Choices service provides independent advice to asylum seekers considering returning voluntarily to their country of origin.

Refugee Action’s community development workers promote the development of refugee communities. 

They also run innovative projects to enhance opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers.

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Inter-Agency Partnership (IAP) 

Asylum Support Inter Agency Partnership (IAP) consists of five agencies funded by the Home Office to deliver the following services to asylum seekers: reception support and services on arrival, initial accommodation, and One Stop Services. 

The IAP consists of five agencies: Refugee Council, Refugee Action, Migrant Helpline, Scottish Refugee Council and Welsh Refugee Council, and includes representations from subcontractors and refugee community organisations (RCOs). They produce a monthly newsletter.

The Refugee Council is the largest organisation in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees. We not only give direct help and support, but also work with asylum seekers and refugees to ensure their needs and concerns are addressed.

We believe asylum seekers and refugees should be treated with understanding and respect. Our services aim to reflect this and include:

  • giving advice and support to asylum seekers and refugees to help them rebuild their lives
  • working with refugee community organisations, helping them grow and serve their communities
  • caring for separated children to help them feel safe and supported in the UK
  • offering training and employment courses to enable asylum seekers and refugees to use their skills and qualifications
  • campaigning and lobbying for refugees’ voices to be heard in the UK and abroad
  • keeping them high on the political agenda and discussed in the media
  • producing authoritative information on refugee issues worldwide, including reports, statistics and analysis

The Refugee Council produces its own news review relating to asylum and refugees.

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Fleeing your home and arriving in a new country can be traumatic.  The Red Cross offers support for vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

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Baca provides specialist supported accommodation and development training for young people who are 16 years and over.  We specifically work with separated young people who are seeking asylum, some of whom have been victims of trafficking.

Our vision is to see a world where forced migrants are welcomed, safe, and have hope to rebuild their lives for a better future. Our strap line of ‘Investing Hope, Shaping Futures’ is foundational to our work. It is our belief and commitment that through the investment of time, care, support, love, friendship, teaching and guidance, young lives can be positively shaped for their future.  We believe that these young people could change the world!

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Coram Children’s Legal Centre (CCLC), part of the Coram group of charities, is an independent charity working in the UK and around the world to protect and promote the rights of children, through the provision of direct legal services; the publication of free legal information; research and policy work; training; and international consultancy on child rights.

 The Migrant Children’s Project at CCLC provides specialist advice and legal representation relating to migrant children, young people and families. Free legal resources and guidance is available on their website:

 CCLC also provide training on a variety of areas affecting migrant children and young people, including rights and entitlements; age assessments; migrant children in care; trafficking and modern slavery; EU children; NRPF families; and a number of other subjects.

For further information on training, contact



Independent Child Trafficking Advocates (ICTAs) are specialist professionals who support children who have been identified as trafficked or potentially trafficked to navigate the complex systems of social care, immigration and criminal justice.

The ICTAs provision was trialed by Barnardo’s in 2014 -2015 and we have now established the ICTAs Service in six Early Adopter Sites across England and Wales, commissioned by the Home Office.

The role of and ICTA is outlined in s.48 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and within the following Home Office interim guidance 2017.

 What do ICTAs do?

  • Support children to understand and navigate the complex systems of social care, immigration and criminal justice.
  • Enable children’s voices to be heard.
  • Ensure children are referred into the National Referral Mechanism.
  • Support in keeping children safe and work toward the prevention of re-trafficking.
  • Provide advocacy, guidance and signposting to relevant services.
  • Raise awareness and support professionals in their work with trafficked children

For further information, please visit:
Tel. 24/7 Support Line: 0800 043 4303 


Upbeat Communities has been working in the East Midlands since 2005, providing support to newly arrived asylum seekers and refugees and helping them to rebuild their lives.  We work by connecting local people those seeking sanctuary in order to build community, support integration and encourage cohesion.  We want to see strangers become neighbours.

Our current projects include:

  •  Welcome and befriending support for newly arrived asylum seekers
  •  English classes
  •  Community meals, trips and activities
  •  Training and skills development
  •  Mentoring for refugees
  •  Creative and wellbeing sessions
  •  Support for refugee children and their families
  •  Hosting for destitute asylum seekers and refugees
  •  Resettlement support for those arriving through the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme

We currently work in Derby City, Derbyshire (Derbyshire Dales, South Derbyshire, High Peak, Chesterfield, Bolsover) and Lincoln City, North Kesteven, South Kesteven, South Holland) 

 For further information, please visit:
 Tel: 01332 916150



Nottingham and Nottingham Refugee Forum have been standing in solidarity with refugee and asylum seekers since 2000 through offering practical support, advice and friendship. We provide services to people throughout all the stages of their asylum claim, including resettlement support, destitution support, casework, and assistance accessing other appropriate services.

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Other Strategic Migration Partnerships

East of England Strategic Migration Partnership (EELGA SMP)

The East of England LGA Strategic Migration Partnership, is one of eleven UK partnerships funded by the Border and Immigration Agency (BIA). 

The Consortium was established in March 2000 to originally co-ordinate activities regarding the dispersal, accommodation and support of asylum seekers across the region. However since April 2007, our role has been expanded to incorporate the wider migration agenda and we will be working closely with the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) to support and develop regional migrant worker networks, support agencies and projects, as well as continuing our work with asylum seekers and refugees. 
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North East Strategic Migration Partnership (NESMP) 

The North East Strategic Migration Partnership [NESMP] is a constituted  partnership that works with national and local government and other public, private and voluntary sector organisations to ensure that the North East can manage and benefit from, migration.

NESMP aims to address policy and strategic issues relating to asylum, refugees and migration.

Understanding how migration impacts on and will continue to affect the North East is key to the work of the Partnership. When referring to ‘impact’, we mean impact upon all aspects of life in the region – upon individuals and communities, upon public service, the third sector and the private sector. In our work, we include all categories of migrants that enter and leave our region. As a partnership we define a migrant as a person that moves to the North East from outside of the UK; this includes, but is not limited to, all groups such as refugees, asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, trafficked persons, undocumented migrants, migrant workers, family migrants and international students.

The Partnership aims to maximise the benefits of migration and to support the prosperity and quality of life of all people in the North East. It also aims to provide a regional leadership and co-ordination role to enable our partners and stakeholders to better address the needs of both our new and emerging as well as host communities.

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West Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership (WMSMP) 

The West Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership (formerly The West Midlands Strategic Partnership for Asylum and Refugees - WMSPARS) is the principal regional policy forum on refugee, asylum and migrant issues. It is based within the Regional Partnership Centre, co-located with the West Midlands Regional Assembly and the West Midlands Local Government Association. 

WMSMP is one of eleven regional consortia across the UK, established as a result of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999 which legislated that asylum seekers would be dispersed to regions across the UK. All regional consortia are core funded by the Home Office and were set-up to co-ordinate activities regarding the dispersal, accommodation and support of asylum seekers and the integration and social inclusion of refugees. 

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North West Regional Strategic Migration Partnership (RSMP) 

The North West Regional Strategic Migration Partnership (RSMP) is funded by the Home Office, and hosted by Manchester City Council. We are local authority led, but work with organisations across the statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors to help the region to deal with, and benefit from, migration.

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Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership works with national government, local government, and others to ensure that Yorkshire and Humber can deal with, and benefit from, migration. We work with agencies across the statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors to help support the delivery of high quality services to migrants in a way that benefits everyone living in local communities.

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South East Strategic Migration Partnership  (SESPM)

The South East Strategic Partnership for Migration (SESPM) provides a leadership, co-ordination and advisory function for migration in the South East. SESPM is hosted by South East England Councils, with all SESPM work funded by the Home Office.

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Southwest Strategic Migration Partnership (SWRA-SMP)

The Regional Strategic Co-ordination Board for Migration forms the overall co-ordinating body of the region’s strategic migration partnership. Specific work is carried out by the two sub groups known as the South West Migrant Worker Action Group and the South West Regional Forum for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

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Asylum Help

Migrant Help will start providing the new services to adult asylum seekers and their dependants from 1st April. These services will replace the current One Stop Service and Initial Accommodation Wraparound, which will cease to exist on 31st March 2014.

They will be delivered under the umbrella name Asylum Help (part of the Migrant Help organisation) as Asylum Advice UK and Asylum Support Application UK, and will enable continuation of all statutory services to asylum seekers and refugees.

Enclosed is a poster and a client leaflet to help advertise the new service within your network. Please, forward   this to your colleagues and partners.

Also attached is an updated briefing which answers the main questions about the Asylum Help services.

Please feel free to contact  Jitka Minxova  with any questions:
 Tel.: 01304 218712
 Mobile: 07967 632139

Asylum Help Leaflet - Migrant Help