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Past Events 2013-14

100 YEARS OF THE RTPI - What is the future for Planning?


100 YEARS OF THE RTPI - 27 February 2014


The Academic Perspective - Sabine Coady Schaebitz

A lawyer's perspective - Richard Ford

Perspective from a LA Corporate Director - Christine Marshall

The Campaigner Perspective - Paul Miner

Future Challenges for Planning and the RTPI - Andrew Pritchard 

PLANNING FOR GROWTH - 19 November 2013


Planning for Growth - 19 November 2013


Towards a culture of positive planning under the NPPF - Rob Murfin

Population Jobs and Household Forecasting - Dr Peter Boden

Estimating housing requirements in changing times - Neil McDonald

Planning for Economic Growth through LEPS - Dr Ruth Adams

Going for Growth in Swadlincote - Richard Shaw


PLANET OF THE A.P.E.S. - 15 October 2013


Planet of the A.P.E.S. - 15 October 2013


  What is happening in the world - Mike Peverill

What is happening in the planning world - Rob Shaw

Adapting to Climate Change International Lessons - Roger Street

Adapting to Climate Chage UK Lessons - Rob Pannell

Planning Naturally - Simon Marsh MBE

Hot and Sticky Plannng - Jonathan Selwyn

From Ashes to Accessible Woodland - Dr Nick Atkinson

SSSHHH - Dr John Drever

 APPEALS & INQUIRIES - 12 September 2013


 Appeals & Inquiries - 12 September 2013


Getting inside the Inspector's Head - Cliff Hughes

The Advocate a help or a hindrance? - Jenny Wigley

Strategy and tactics at inquiries and hearings - Morag Thomson

A council's perspective on inquiries - Jennifer Wallis

 In Place of Strife the potential for mediation in planning - Kay Powell

 Unappealing a community perspective on a planning appeal - Ruth North

Getting through a Local Plan EIP - Mike Hayden



Power Generation and Supply - 6 June 2013


UK Renewable Energy Policy - Ted Hayden

Adapting the distribution entwork to the needs of tomorrow - Philip Bale

The East Midlands - Potential and Reality - Dr Andrew Turton

The long term view Nottingham EfW - Antony Greener

A plant supplier and market overview - SIEMENS

Link to IGas Energy website - Andrew Austin has indicated that he will be happy to discuss any matters by telephone.   

IGas Energy website address

The Public Sector Challenge - Nick Feltham


A PERFECT STORM? - Welfare Reform, Planning & Affordable Housing - 25 April 2013


 A Perfect Storm? - 25 April 2013


 A Perfect Storm introduction - Andrew Pritchard

Welfare Reform what does it mean for housing? - Laura Shimili

Housing the nation in an age of austerity - Chris Hobson

A registered provider's perspective - Bob Walder

Council Housing to the rescue - Philip Roberts & Russell Shortland

Housing market assessments - Bob Line

GTAAs the next generation - Dr Jo Richardson

Changing Dynamics in Student Housing - John Plumrige