Tuesday 04 August 2020

Past Events Apr18-Mar19

Health, Safety & Welfare - 28th February 2019

1. Andy Cartwright - Working at Height  

 Alan Cox LPG equipment

3. Bernard Thorogood - What is an Employee  

4. Sarah Bates - HSE Presentation  

5. Graham Wilson - Clay Shooting Ground contact with electricity

BASC templates: https://basc.org.uk/shooting/health-safety-2/


Housing - 13th December 2018

Festival Noise - Alan Whitfield  

New Degree Apprenticeship - Alan Whitfield  

East Midlands Licensing and Enforcement - The Oxford Way  

 HHSRS - Tamara Sandoul

Private Rented Sector - Julie Rugg  

The Nottingham Model - Julie Liversidge and Aran Hennessey  

Public Health England - 8th Nov 2018

 The Work of the Acute Response Centre

 Infection Control in Care Homes - Zoe De-Lacy

 Rob Johnston - Legionella in Hotels

Pitfall of turning up to work jaundiced - Kate Wedgewood  

 Sexually Transmissible Enteric Infections - Shigella Flexeri 3a

 Salmonella - Pinkies and Polish Eggs

Food Safety - 27th Sept 2018

Update on Regulating Our Future - Sean Suckling FSA

Acrylamide Regs - Tracey Smith FSA

Lightly Cooked Burgers - Ciara Harris Borough of Lambeth

Regulatory Compliance Officer Trailblazer Apprenticeship Scheme  

 Allergens Presentation

 Tackling Food Waste presentation to follow soon

Health & Safety - 21st June 2018

Smokefree Legislation 10 Year On - Govind Mandora

Musculoskeletal Injuries - Mike Wilcock & Davy Snowdon MBE  

Fork Lift Trucks - Mike Wilcock & Davy Snowdon


Licensing - 24th May 2018

The new Animal Welfare Licensing regs - Industry perspective  

Pet Industry Federation Training Flyer

The new Animal Welfare Licensing Regs regulator's perspective

Puppy smuggling - Dogs Trust

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions - Zoo Licensing

Security Industry Authority


Environmental Protection - 26th April 2018

1. Hazardous Waste - Environment Agency

2. Christopher Fry, EP UK

3. Sarah Greenhough - YALPAG

4. Tony Lewis, CIEH  

Amanda's presentation to follow 

6. Darren Beriro, BGS