Wednesday 28 October 2020

Past Events Apr19-Mar20

Health and Safety - 27th February 2020

Case Studies in Birmingham - Terry Mallard  

Green Guide - Wendy Harnan-Kajzer

Inflatable Safety - David Kivlin

MSD Workshop for LAs - Priorities - copyright remains the property of Mike Wilcock and Pristine Condition International Ltd

Housing - 13th February 2020

1. MHCLG Update - Debi Waite  

 2. Selective Licensing - David Hobbs

 3. Warm Homes - Lorraine Gumbs

3. Warm Homes - Sara Earl  

 4. Fire Safety in HIMOs - Gary Short

 5. Housing Prosecution case study - Bassetlaw D C

 6. Residential Property Tribunal - Richard Chubb

 7. Prison sentence for landlord - Sara Brown


Public Health - 7th November 2019

 Paul Hallam - STEC Clearance risk group B

 Esther Robinson - Listeriosis Nov2019 ERR

 Harry Dick Modern Slavery

 Gavin Bailey - Cooked to Perfection


Food Safety - 26th September 2019

 Improving Food Hygiene Ratings - Yvonne Garraway

Modern Slavery in the Agricultural Sector - Shayne Tyler

Findings from the NAO's Report - Meg Callanan and Heather Thompson  

Primary Authority Experiences - Michelle Rudkin and Serena Clivery   

 Wild Game Deal - Graham Wilson, Daventry DC


Licensing/Legal - 20th June 2019

Nottingham Taxi Strategy - Angela Rawson  

Chris Ford, Derbyshire Police - Modern Slavery

 The Role of Licensing Authorities - Alan Batty

 CCTV in Taxis - Stacey Egerton, ICO

 Disease Detective - Matt Daft

Environmental Protection - 9th May 2019

 The Journey to Electric - Mark Calnan, Electric Blue

Industrial Estate - Flies Odour Case Study - EA  

EarthSense - Jordan White

 PHE Overview of interventions report

John Naylor - GGS