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18 May 2010

PTOLEMY shows the way ahead

 A powerful new computer modelling tool is now available to support better integration between transport and development across the East Midlands.

East Midlands Councils (EMC) along with the East Midlands Development Agency (emda), East Midlands Airport and the Highways Agency have developed a modelling tool that will help local authority planning and transport officers together with developers to test the implications and impacts of proposed developments and transport improvements.

The system, called PTOLEMY, has been built by leading consultants WSP, and has already proved its worth in Derby, Nottingham and Leicester in an earlier form. The new system has now been expanded and upgraded to enable it to be used across the whole of the East Midlands.

It is the first region-wide land-use transport integrated model to meet the high technical standards required to inform both planning and transport policy, presenting a unique opportunity to improve development and investment decisions across the East Midlands. 

Andrew Pritchard, Director of Strategy, East Midlands Councils said “PTOLEMY will allow proposed developments and transport interventions to be tested on a consistent basis across the East Midlands. It will inform transport planning and spatial plan-making at the strategic and local level, and the consideration of major development proposals such as large scale multi-modal freight terminals and new High Speed Rail links.”   

A series of seminars for developers, planners and transport professionals are being held across the East Midlands in May and June.

For further information about Ptolemy visit:


Press Release - Ptolemy shows the way ahead (Ref: EMC 02-10)

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