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01 November 2010

A decade combating Climate Change

The East Midlands was the first region in England to achieve 100% support for the Nottingham Declaration, launched in 2000, from all 46 Councils in the East Midlands and the Peak District National Park Authority.

Councillor David Parsons, Chair of East Midlands Councils, said: “I am very pleased that the East Midlands led the way on this important initiative and that all Councils in the East Midlands have made positive steps to address Climate Change issues.

“This is an on-going project which East Midlands Councils is very happy to continue supporting.”

Authorities across the East Midlands will publish public statements outlining what they have done – and will be doing – to tackle the causes and consequences of global warming.

Work already carried out includes:

  • Using cleaner vehicles to carry out services.
  • Planting thousands of trees.
  • Finding innovative ways to cut their energy bills.
  • Encouraging staff and the public to act in a greener way.
  • Dimming and switching off street lighting where safe to do so.
  • Carrying out risk assessments on services to see how they may be affected by the future climate.

The publication of the statements on November 2 2010 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Nottingham Declaration – a pledge signed by the local authorities to work towards cutting their carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

The statements will be on display when local authority leaders from across the East Midlands meet at Nottingham Trent University, Old Library Building, to mark the event and reassert their commitment to do all they can to tackle climate change.

Mike Peverill from Climate East Midlands (the Regional Climate Change Partnership) which is supporting Nottingham City Council in organising the event, said: “We are delighted to have supported our local authorities in making significant progress over the last two years with additional resources, expertise and collaboration opportunities.”

“The public statements they are making on the 10th Anniversary of the Nottingham Declaration demonstrate the wide variety of ways in which local authorities are leading the way on tackling climate change right across the East Midlands.”

The statements will be published at



Press Release - A Decade Combating Climate Change (Ref: 07-10)


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