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New Chairman Takes Reins at East Midlands Councils

25 July 2012

At its Annual General Meeting on Friday 20th July, East Midlands Councils elected Cllr Martin Hill OBE, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, as its new Chairman.

Cllr Hill said “I am very much looking forward to working to support local authorities in the region to deliver better services for communities. In particular, I want to reach out to the cities, as drivers of economic growth, and work harder to re-engage the districts as our grass-roots champions of localism.”

“One of the major successes of East Midlands Councils has been helping to secure the upgrade and electrification of the Midland Main Line. It has been over two years since we launched the original Midland Main Line prospectus down in Westminster and since then we have worked hard in putting together a strong business case. There was also good news for the East Coast Main Line, serving Grantham, Newark and Retford, with confirmation of renewals to signaling and a new £240 million ring-fenced enhancement fund. On the roads front, we have joined forces with member councils to secure funding for regional transport priorities, such as the widening of the A453 between Nottingham and the M1, and the A14 Kettering by-pass.”

“And together with county councils, we have secured the Government’s agreement for the use of European funding to support the roll-out of superfast broadband across the region.”

“Through these funds, we can put in place the modern infrastructure that will underpin future business growth – an opportunity our local councils should seize with both hands.”

“As an organisation I want us to be sharper in our lobbying and campaigning, continuing to argue the case persuasively for infrastructure projects. For that to happen, we must be member-led and genuinely responsive. I want to be able to – as policies change at speed – to advise our councils on not only the implications of change, but also the opportunities for change. Above all, I want us to travel these learning curves together rather than individually – not least because it is far less expensive that way – and to work more closely with the Local Government Association to give a seamless service to our members.”

Full list of appointments to East Midlands Councils:

Chairman East Midlands Councils & Executive Board - Cllr Martin Hill OBE - Lincolnshire County Council

Vice Chairman - Cllr Jon Collins - Nottingham City Council                                                                            

Vice Chairman - Cllr Neil Clarke - Rushcliffe Borough Council                                          


Political Group Leads

Conservative - Cllr Chris Millar - Daventry District Council

Labour - Cllr Robert Parker - Lincolnshire County Council

Liberal Democrat - Cllr Fiona Martin MBE - East Lindsey District Council

Independent - Executive Mayor Tony Egginton - Mansfield District Council


The appointment of the Chairs of East Midlands Councils boards were also announced:

East Midlands Executive Board - Cllr Martin Hill OBE - Lincolnshire County Council

East Midlands Improvement & Efficiency Partnership - Cllr Roger Begy - Rutland County Council

East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership Board - Cllr Paul Kenny - Boston Borough Council 

East Midlands Employers Board - Cllr Ian Fleetwood - West Lindsey District Council  


For more information please contact: Dr. Stuart Young, Executive Director, East Midlands Councils. Tel. 01664 502620. DDI. 01664 502631. E-mail

This press release can also be downloaded:

New Chairman takes reins at East Midlands Councils 25.7.12