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Building a stronger voice for local government in the East Midlands

14 October 2013

Around 2,000 councillors across the East Midlands are being asked for their views on the creation of a stronger voice for local government in the region.

East Midlands Councils (EMC) which was set up in 2010 to represent the interests of councillors and councils in the region is reviewing its current arrangements and is looking to put in place a new approach for the organisation.

A clear proposal underpinning the new approach would see a major focus on establishing EMC as a member-led organisation with the views, ambitions and aspirations of these members at the heart of the organisation’s activities.

A further key aim is the creation of a forward programme of important issues where EMC can take a strong lead on behalf of its members including:

  • European funding
  • Adult social care
  • Welfare reform
  • Working with LEPs in securing economic growth
  • Getting a better funding deal for the region and working better with MPs
  • Planning and Transport – including HS2, Midland Mainline and East Coast Mainline
  • Migration

The new approach for EMC would be underpinned by three fundamentals: 

  • Strategic influence
  • A single partnership for local government at regional level
  • Providing a framework for councillors to inform the work of EMC

With these fundamentals and an organisational structure in place of the kind that could be provided by a refocused EMC, the East Midlands would, like all other regions, be represented by a political body providing the ‘voice of the region’ on issues like economic development, housing, planning and transport, sector employment and climate change and enhancing the ability of the region to secure greater resources/investment. 

Consultation on this new approach with the 2,000 councillors in the East Midlands will take place until 6th November 2013.

Councillor Jon Collins, Chair of East Midlands Councils says:

“We want to establish East Midlands Councils as a dynamic membership driven organisation which will provide a strong and effective voice for local government in the region. Clearly, the organisation has had some success over the past three years, for example, through lobbying Government, campaigning for Midland Mainline and providing support and training for councillors”.

Councillor Martin Hill, Vice-Chair of East Midlands Councils says:

“We want to evolve EMC into an all-member organisation with a direct and ongoing dialogue with councillors. A more member-led EMC will better understand the diverse needs of our East Midlands communities and provide a strong voice for the East Midlands on the major issues and challenges that lie ahead for us”.

Councillor Neil Clarke, Vice-Chair of East Midlands Councils says:      

“We think we can do much more by bringing in a new approach to the way EMC works. To help us achieve this, we want to hear from as many East Midlands councillors as possible to get their views and suggestions on how we should take the organisation forward”.

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