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Coaching Catch up - East Midlands Coaching Network

04 May 2014

The East Midlands Coaching Network is gathering pace and going from strength to strength – let’s look back at our achievements so far and look forward to what is planned for the future….

Over the last 12 months the East Midlands Coaching network has been growing and developing and we are now pleased to announce we have 10 organisations in membership, 56 qualified coaches and 110 people that are and have benefited from being coached.

The East Midlands Coaching network provides a rounded framework of support for coaching, supporting coaches, coachees and organisations.   

Supporting coaches

Providing support to coaches is central to the principles of the network, East Midlands Coaching Network has committed to provide 4 development opportunities a year for coaches in the network for free.  We kicked off our 2014-15 CPD programme for coaches with a look at the trends and the future of coaching, a session delivered by Trayton Vance from Coaching Focus. 

Our second annual Coaching Conference on 10 June 2014 promises to be a great opportunity for Coaches to upskill and connect to meet the challenges of Coaching in a complex and uncertain world.  The conference will include a keynote presentation from Sue Stockdale on ‘Stepping into the unknown’, as well as skills based workshops designed to expand the repertoire of coaches in the network.

Future continuing professional development dates are;

Tuesday 16 September 2014 - Interpersonal Process Recall

Thursday 4 December 2014 – subject to be confirmed

Thursday 5 March 2015 – subject to be confirmed

The conference and CPD events are FREE to attend for coaches in the network…these events are also open to anyone interested in coaching.

Through the network coaches are able to access over 140 different resources, the most popular resources currently are;

  • Assessing my strengths exercise for coachees
  • Building self esteem exercise for coachees
  • Assess your skills as a coach exercise

Through the network coaches are also supported by being able to access coaching supervision sessions, the sessions are opportunities for coaches to reflect on their experiences in coaching sessions.

Key Achievements 2013-2014

We have 56 coaches, 110 coachees and 3 coaching supervisors so far and rising…

10 organisations subscribed to the network

576 hours of coaching has taken place

48 new coaches have attended the ILM 5 Coaching and Mentoring programmes

18 hours of development have been delivered for coaches

113 coaches have attended and benefited from the high quality speakers at the CPD sessions 

54 people attended the inaugural Coaching Conference in 2013

4 great speakers took part in our inaugural coaching conference, including Myles Downey 

9 Independent coaches quality assured through the network

Principles of the network are:

*Quality, cost effective, reciprocal coaching for all members

*Access to a diverse coaching Network of qualified coaches in the region

*Providing support to coaches with their CPD

*Building coaching capacity and sustainability across the region

*Continuous development and growth of the network

The coaching network remains extremely good value for money providing individual authority’s the opportunity to save at least £20, 500 a year

Supporting organisations

East Midlands Coaching network has supported the 12 coaching champions to make a difference within and across authorities.  Regular coaching champions meetings have enabled organisations to share coaching strategies.

Our aim at East Midlands Councils is to enable and support the development of a collaborative coaching culture that helps individuals realise their potential and organisations achieve outstanding results.  If you would like further information on the coaching network please visit Or contact or 01664 502643 for further discussion.