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Coaching in 2015, East Midlands Coaching Network

16 September 2015

June 2015, our third annual Coaching Conference, did you miss it?! If you did you missed a great Coaching event with exceptional speakers on Neuroscience and Intuition in Coaching, Personal Resilience, Boundaries in Coaching and a great practical Mapping Exercise for Coaches to use in their coaching practice. Thank you to all those took part, we hope you enjoyed it and have been able to put all that you have learnt into your coaching practice. Coaches said…

“Fantastic. Great conference and opportunity to meet like-minded people and share ideas and best practice”

“For me, the best event since we began the East Midlands Coaching Network”

“Very good and brilliant networking opportunity”

“very good, even better than last year”

“An excellent event that was really beneficial. The Speakers and workshops were fantastic. Definitely one of the best seminars I have been to.”

Activity within the network

Activity in the network is developing and requests for coaching through the network are increasing. Here are the headline features of activity within the network in the last four months;

  • 8 new programmes have begun
  • 2 Coaching programmes have been completed in this time and 16 sessions have taken place
  • The majority of coaching programmes are lasting between 4 and 6 sessions
  • The average time of a coaching session in the network is 1 hour 28 minutes

Continuing Professional Development for Coaches

Coaching and Change Management, Thursday 3 December 2015

Coaching is fundamentally about facilitating change that will lead to desired results: facilitating movement from the current state to a more desirable future state. But, personal change is complex and multifaceted so engaging with this topic is an essential part of any coaches learning journey

Our beliefs and assumptions about change and the change process will impact on our coaching, perhaps in directing where we focus, what questions we ask, the pace and rate of progress and what we will regard as success – or failure. Therefore the greater our awareness of our own assumptions about change, the better able we will be to discern where our client is in their relationship to the change they are working on, and the more we will be able to pay attention to their beliefs and assumptions and be responsive to their needs. So as coaches it is useful to have a general understanding of the change process – a ‘map of the territory’ we are operating in.

In this session we will

    • Explore what change means both from an organisational and an individual context.
    • Share some experiences of change, the impact and outcomes for individuals, organisations and coaches.
    • Explore some tools and approaches to take away that will help you to support you coachees on their change journey. 

GROW and the Coaching Networks

Did you know, the East Midlands Coaching Network is part of a wider trend across the country of regional Coaching Networks, bringing organisations together to share coaching and to learn together? The East Midlands Coaching Network connects regularly with the other Coaching Networks to share experiences and learning, as well as sharing great development that networks have offered their coaches.

Other networks include;

  • West Midlands Coaching Pool
  • Kent Coaching and Mentoring Network
  • London Coaching and Mentoring Network
  • South West Coaching Network
  • East of England Coaching Pool
  • North West Coaching Network


Resources for Coaching  

There are over 180 different resources available through the system, these include diagnostics, exercises, guidelines, hand-outs, as well as network documents such as a sample coaching contract.

The top 5 used resources are;

  1. Coach Self-assessment Profile
  2. Challenging Constructively-exercise
  3. Establishing Framework for Communication
  4. Situational Leadership Handout
  5. Listening Skills Exercise

Coaching by Numbers

11 organisations subscribed to the network

56 coaches

5 Independent coaches quality assured through the network 

2 coaching supervisors

Offering excellent value for money saving authorities at least £20,500 a year