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19 December 2019

East Midlands Apprenticeship Challenge 2020

Why the challenge is being introduced

Developing talent within the East Midlands is at the heart of the work of East Midlands Councils, and introducing the first East Midlands Apprentice Challenge on 14 May 2020 is a fantastic development opportunity.

With our colleagues in the East of England having delivered the very first Apprentice Challenge, we aim to share with you their experience and approach, so you can find out more  about how the Apprenticeship Challenge works and how this can support the development of Apprentices across the East Midlands.

Download the case study from here.

The challenge

The East of England LGA ran an Apprentice Challenge Pilot in June 2019 with the support from Breckland Training Services. This pilot came about with the vision of raising the profile of apprenticeships with Chief Executives and Members, as well as raising the profile of apprentices by recognising  a regional apprentice of the year. The concept came from the LA Challenge and adapted around this framework for less experienced officers and resulted in one regional winner.

A major difference between this and the LA Challenge is that all entrants participate as individuals and will working in teams with participants from other authorities. The day is designed in way in which we have mentors who help observe and assess performance. We would encourage participation from Senior Managers, Regional Trade Union Colleagues, and the HR community to become Mentors for the day. There is also a role for a Councillor as a “Super Mentor” which helps build understanding and interaction between apprentices and elected members.

The Challenge is ultimately an immersive learning experience, and in addition to the on-the-day learning, participants receive individual feedback reports to consider following the event.

What happens on the day?

Each apprentice is on a table with 6 colleagues from across the region, (supporting a wider agenda of encouraging officers to network and work across their organisational boundaries) and are assessed on a variety of activities throughout the day centred on work in a fictional District Council.  Mentors are rotated around the groups, to observe how apprentices work through the exercises.

The Challenge is a simulation event, with each module imitating the role of a public servant with realistic scenarios. The apprentices undertake 6 modules which give them an insight into the challenges councils face daily.

Participants on the pilot event described it as:- 

The modules are:

1 - Decision Making

2 - Partnership Building Module

3 - Political Awareness Module

4 - Communications Module

5 - Crisis Management Module

6 - Reflective Presentation that enables apprentices to share what they have learnt and focus on what will be put into practice within their workplaces.

What people said about their journey and experience at the East of England Apprentice Challenge:

It is fair to say that the pilot was a huge success with Apprentice Challenges now taking place across the country in other regions, including the East Midlands, West Midlands and South West. Feedback from those who have participated prove that an Apprentice Challenge is an inspiring learning programme that empowers apprentices and challenges their thinking about Local Government.

‘Great buzz in the air’.

‘It was enjoyable and innovative working collaboratively across the region.’

‘Inspirational, insightful, fun but empowering as well as enlightening’.

How you can take part in the East Midlands Apprentice Challenge

Apprentices eligible for entry to the East Midlands Challenge should have recently completed or be working towards Levels 2 or 3 qualifications.

Apprentices working towards Level 4 or above should consider booking on the East Midlands Challenge on 26 March.   We also welcome volunteers to help support both Challenge events.

To book places on the Apprenticeship Challenge or register at team on the LA Challenge, please contact .

East Midlands Apprenticeship Challenge 2020

Date: Thursday 14 May 2020

Location: Pera, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB

Participation Fee: This event is only open to apprentices in organisations that are members of East Midlands Councils - £195 + VAT

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