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03 March 2015

East Midlands Councils 2015-16 Councillor Development Programme

East Midlands Councils has launched its Councillor Development Programme for 2015-16, which will start in May 2015 with its annual event for Civic Heads on 27 May. The EMC Councillor Development Programme provides member councils in the East Midlands with a comprehensive, value for money range of development opportunities, designed to support the different councillor roles, and will include policy specific events as well as skills development sessions.

Events include;

Specific support for new Councillors and Councillors new to roles within authorities have been incorporated into the programme. The programme has been designed to complement and enhance local authorities’ own induction and member development programmes, and will be further added to as opportunities arise.

To download the brochure or to book on any of the events visit

 EMC Councillor Development Picture

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